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  1. Has anyone experienced or heard of Fraxel causing fat loss?
  2. I hope to God that this turns out okay for Secluded&Sad, but I would not want any kid or person reading this forum to try this just because some person got lucky with this and didn't get disfigured. This is extremely dangerous and no one should do this!!
  3. I have the same problem too! I am still looking for a good dermatologist in Chicago, preferably someone who does fat transfer. WTF? Apparently, the good doctors just accumulate on the coasts and say to hell with the midwest.
  4. This is absolutely crazy! You are risking worse scarring, uneven skin, and hypopigmentation which cannot be corrected. The hypopigmentation won't show up for months.
  5. I'm not gonna say anything about 302 anymore because I think it's just futile to do so on this board, but I gotta agree with Meet Pete - Shayna's knowledgeable posts were awesome to read. I, for one, will miss them. That is all. Good day.
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't be so quick to jump on the dermabrasion bandwagon. As many are finding out, it is a major undertaking with a lot of downtime and there can be further damage done to the surface. The first doctor that did a dermabrasion on me years ago, gouged out a deep scar with the abrading tool right under my nose. I still have the scar, but it has improved with other procedures I had. Off course damage can be done with fat transfer too. It's all a risk.
  7. I agree with you Pete. Fat does seem to be a bit more tricky, both in the procedure, which you need to actually have 2: the liposuction and the fat placement. It also is very dubious in it's staying power, a lot of people have not had good luck with retention. In the right hands, it might be the most safe procedure regarding systemic reaction because it is your own fat. I unfortunately, have an autoimmune disease so I cannot risk putting foreign material into my body. I wish I could just do some
  8. Sorry, but I've heard a lot of negative results by other patients who used Sidney Coleman from another board. Just because someone "invents" a particular technique, doesn't mean that one has mastered it. Placing fat is an art and one has to be careful to not put it in places that would disrupt the natural contours of a person's face. People have complained about that he has overfilled them to the point of looking grotesque, and because of the long lasting results of this particular way of placin
  9. Most of us with scarring would literally spend our last dime on something that works permanently. But $16,000!?! That is simply not in the realm of possibility for me.
  10. I don't think that would be a good idea. I think it would be hard to get an application of the many spots you would have to do. Risk for scarring and hypopigmentation.
  11. Wow, you guys are all hitting on the heart of the matter for me. I also feel like I don't have BDD. I was a pretty girl but got terrible cystic acne and then scars at an early age. It IS NOT my imagination that this affected how boys reacted to me, which IN TURN made me very insecure. It's important to say that I became insecure about my looks after boys made fun of me and were very cruel in school and basically rejected me. I still had some attention but the damage to my ego and psyche was done
  12. Geez, these stupid derms and their over-zealous use of cortisone!! Kara, I'd echo the sentiments of (the lovely!) NoDoubt and wait a bit to have filler done. I know it sucks having an indent there, but I can't tell how much mine has improved over just the last few weeks. I was thinking I would have to have a punch float for the scar, and now I think it will be o.k.
  13. I've actually just had this happen to me. My idiot doc injected a zit on my forhead, not a cyst, and it left a huge indent. This was 2 months ago and it's finally started filling in. Whew. Please, just be patient. It will get better. If it doesn't fill in altogether, then you can consider getting a filler. Try to put retin A on it, it will stimulate collegen production. good luck!!
  14. hols

    egg mask

    yeah, I agree with above posters. Do not put old raw eggs on your face. There is nasty bacteria that might not be good to have on your skin.