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  1. dont do it if you have sensitive skin

    i have super sensitive skin that breaks out easily so this was a huge no no no for me. this product has hard grains of sand that are really harsh on the skin. wouldnt recommend if your skin is sensitive.
  2. amylerm

    Murad Post Acne Lightening Gel- After Regimin

    ive used the cleanser and it made me skin break out horribly hence why i started the regime
  3. my skin is definitely clearing up, but its been a month and my skin is becoming very tan from these products.. is anyone else having this problem? is it normal? HELP
  4. amylerm

    Regimen Is Tanning My Face

    ive been using the regimen for a month & a week so far, and my face is so tan. not only is it tan, but my face is starting to become really red, and itchy. i thought i was the only one this was happening to, but i hope it goes away soon,
  5. amylerm

    didn't work

    didn't work

    used years back, and it didn't work for me if anything it made my acne worse.
  6. amylerm

    dont buy it

    dont buy it

    worst mistake buying this product. i got a lot of recommendations from my friends to buy this cleanser, and saw on the website numerous good reviews. little did i know it would break me out even more. i used this product for a month in a half, and saw no improvement, not worth the money,
  7. amylerm



    i used thus product for a month and did see an improvement. my acne bumps got smaller but the red spots were still visible.