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  1. Hello I just wanted to start a thread on no picking. I've tried for a couple years now and I feel that I am finally determined to do it after seeing all my scars. I only break out in big pimples on my forehead. That's the only spot I pick. I do occasionally get breakouts around my nose but not really. My big goal is 23 days. IDK why but if I make it that far I feel that I won't turn back! Right now, pretty bad breakout on forehead with a couple tiny red ones on my cheek. Picked like CRAZY to
  2. Thank you for your imput! I agree with the natural products thing nowas well.
  3. Log 4: I have begun to juice daily and also have tried to stay away from dairy as much as possible (kind of failed). Juicing has been successful I have not picked in 2 - 3 days i don't remember exactly. I have a new rule -- no looking in the mirror 2 hours before or after my shower... thats when i pick the most so its been working out quite well. Distractions are key. Heres a photo (fresh out of the shower) so there is some redness: my skin is also super flaky and dry..... i don
  4. Log 3: Unfortunately I have picked at blackheads and small white heads along my hairline (as you can see the redness was blackheads between the brows). I will continue to fight the habit. This is how it is healing: Another photo with makeup as well
  5. Update: I've stopped picking at least for yesterday.. heres how my skin looks as of now:
  6. 2nd Day: Picked at my skin. Looks bad. Drank lots of water. Stayed off dairy. No juices. Will try not to touch tomorrow - and juice in the morning. Pics:
  7. i would try to use a very mild cleanser and moisturizer... try to stop using any drying products that will just worsen ur acne
  8. Hey guys!! So, my sister has the clearest of skin and although she never really had acne problems, she gave me these tips for clearer skin!! I'm going to use them and stick to them and tell you how my skin clears up in the following months! Background to my skin:Acne ONLY on my forehead. I pick at it relentlessly to the point where it looks like my face is an exploding tomato -- gross. I don't have any acne on my cheeks or chin. Little clogged pores on nose and under eye cheeky area. Oth
  9. Hi there, im around your age and honestly i can completely sympathize with what you are saying. i hate going to school when i have acne, it just ruins my day. I worry about the size of them and how they look throughout the day. i have problems with picking which makes me feel like a failure cuz i can't help myself but ruin my face. when my skin is clear and i don't screw it up, it always helped me to use Keys Soap products. all natural and helps a lot!! the therapeutic island rx facial cleanser
  10. So I don't have acne anywhere accept for on my forehead and hairline. Ive narrowed it down to my period, bad diet. HOWEVER, i pick and i pick until my forehead looks like its raised, disgusting and ugly. I can't even make eye contact w anyone when its bad. my skin isn't that bad until i pick and i pick all the time at home. squeeze just everything even if nothing comes up. Does anyone have any suggestions to stop my stupid habit? its been two years and i just feel very helpless. i c
  11. Don't touch it. Essential oils maybe? honey also always works for me.
  12. It seems infected honestly. I would recommend not touching it. Even though this is super drying and harmful, in this case I would make an exception and put some alcohol on it to disinfect.
  13. DarkenedCloud: Good luck!! Amychan123: I read that it would kill all bacteria that hinders the natural healing process. However, after using isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide I would recommend them only to HUGE, NASTY, GROSS, obviously infected pimples otherwise, it is SO SO drying. : )
  14. Update: Alright so right now I'm just dealing with the small flesh colored bumps... Which suck. I popped two on the center of my forehead and I'm hoping those don't turn into something. Other than that, I'm breaking out in white head around my nose & the other forehead flesh colored ones I was talking about earlier. I'm sick with the flu so maybe that's why my skin feels so congested. Will continue to juice & not touch and hopefully that will Help! (:
  15. UPDATE: aghhh so i started to breakout above my left eyebrow and picked at one. i have no idea why, such an idiot. anyways, it got like a whitehead ish so i put the lush mask over it and then the mario badescu drying lotion and hopefully it will go down.. urggg. still feel the under-the-skin pimples so also hopefully those go down by themselves lefojawoeifjaowiehaoihrg