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  1. You used it all over your face? Like for spot treatment?
  2. I wish I had ur skin!!!!!!! Damn you shouldnt even be stressing. No, I dont think they are scars tho. How long have htey benn there.
  3. I've been on it for two weeks and I havent had any new its since. It worked right away 4 me.
  4. I've been doin the vinegar for about a week. It seems to make my scars appear worse. Is this supposed to happen? I also notice, in small patches, my skin 'scabs', well not actually scabs, but.....chaps. And gets darker. Only to peel off the next day. Sometimes the skin under the scab is fine in color. Other times, like beside my mouth, it stayed dark? I'm using apple cider vinegar recued to 5% acidity.
  5. First of all Cetaphil is completely non comedogenic. Secondly yall need to just spend mroe time RINSING the ish off. It aint hard.
  6. I have been doing this for about 4 days. And so far, so good. Although i dont do it to the full extent. I dont LEAVE it on. I steam my face with hot water. Then dry it, but not completely. Then use the Cetaphil. I rub it on my skin for like 5 mintues, until it has all dissolved into my skin and my skin feels sticky. Then afetr 10-15 mins I wash it off. My skin does look great while it is still on so maybe I should leave it on all day. looks so radiant.
  7. I read it, and I see where you got yours from, but is there another way to buy them? Like in a store?
  8. Maybe, well I havent gotten any probs yet. I hope I wont but if I do I'll know its from this.
  9. Heres my regimen. Morning - Wash with Clean And Clear Blackhead Remover Scrub/ Then with Continuous Control. Baby lotion as moisterizer. Afternoon - St. Ives Apricot Exfoliator/ Mudd Mask every other day/ Baby lotion Night- Wash with Clean And Clear Blackhead Remover Scrub/ Then with Continuous Control. No moisterizer 6 B5 pills a day. Now, I have only 4 pimples on my face. I really think the B5 is the key to my success.....but the exfoliating really done wonders for me. Now I hav
  10. Baby Lotion. Come on, America trusts it on their babies precious perfect skin............do the math. I've been using it for a week and its just great. No shine, no burning........just good moisterizer.
  11. I've tried that. I don't know how often ur supposed to do it but I didnt see any results personally.