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  1. i had the same problem has you and i had it for 4 weeks and it was driving me insane like seriously so i gave up and i went out in the sun and got a bit of a sunburn and my mom told me to put this on it biafine http://www.biafine.orthoneutrogena.com/ and i swear to god in 2 days they all went away i couldnt count how many i had on my forehead like at least 20 and now i have NONE. dude no kidding. see if you can get it. i have pictures up. im also take erythrocin, but thats just helping out with
  2. yes youre right im just surprised i havent gotten anything new so far. since i usually have them everyday. ill keep posting what happens.
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    me on erythrocin
  5. my doctor prescribed to me Erythrocin orally 2 times a day. and ive been taking them for 3 days now and my skin has complety changed. i have nothing on my face and im really surprised because nothing works for me. [see my album for pictures] under erythrocin i dont use anything else except wash my face with clean and clear morning burst facial scrub. and i drink green tea and take the tea bag at the end open it and wash my face with it. im really happy that my skin has responded so well to t