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  1. When you said that you mean relapse or just some occassional outbreaks?
  2. Side effects include: Enlargement of breast, shrinking of testicles and penis, development of a fetus, feminization, no facial hair, homosexuality etc. In others words you'll get fucked up!
  3. My derm only stays there with me usually not more then 3 minutes, and then he vanishes, well I have this shitty insurance and I can't easily switch derms. Anyways, before my treatment started I asked him if accutane can really cure people, he just raised his eyebrows in doubt and said it'll make it a "whole lot better." What does he mean by that?
  4. They are snow-white little bumps not on my skin but under and not visible on the surface only if I make a lean face and you come close to my face you can see them. If I squeeze they come out like a thin white snake but if I don't squeeze out everything they from into a small pimple, big pimple etc. But once in a blue they form into pimple by themselves even without touching them. And they can't be milia, those are visible on the skin and look like see-through tiny bubbles.
  5. Accutane cures people's acne in about like 60-70% of cases after just one course!. It's just the way it goes. Some need a second course and that's like a 90% of cure. Sure when you browse the net you see a lot of dumb shit about accutane, but then again only people that were fucked by it which is just a small percentage will go everywhere especially the internet which almost everyone has now this days and first place people look for info will go there first and bitch about it. Some wrote they ex
  6. He is suicidal because of acne not accutane! And accutane won't make it worse. I'm suicidal all the time because of my fuked up life including acne (although that is virtually gone now thanks to accutane making one thing less to worry). But did accutane kill me or make it worse, NO! If you are suicidal for a reason that's not an illness, if you become depressed and suicidal for no apparent reason, that's mental illness. All clear now? And as for you whatsthepointofliving, stick with tane, I too
  7. I'm now in my 6 month, and didn't see awesome improvement until month 5! My cousin who took tane 3 years ago, didn't also see improvment until his last month, he ended up doing tane for 9 months, and is still now crystal clear! Just pop those pills.
  8. E. coli on face? Is your derm retarted? You it can get there but it can't produce acne, only P.acnes can! That's the only bacteria that can!
  9. Dude, for some people it can take the whole course to clear up. I'm in month 6 and it wasn't till month 5 I started to see great improvement. And yes my acne got worse, I was getting 2-3 ugly cysts (nodules) a month, my derm injected those with cortisone, I only used to get cysts like that maybe every 3-4 months and only one of those at a time. Stick with the treatment.
  10. I'm in my 6 month of accutane, and all I'm seeing is extremely small pimples. They are either the size of dots or even smaller, you can't even see them. And will those go away too, my derm said we might have to go on month 7 to eradicate those too. I do get a few pea-sized pimples here and there but that's about it.
  11. I didn't start to see good improvement until like month 5!
  12. Your cumulative dose is way too LOW! That is probably the problem. Also they say if you take tane the second it works for most people permanently, it is rare from someone to go on it more then twice!
  13. I'm turning 20 in less then a month and am a guy. I read that there are certain factors that can lead to relapse after accutane like cumulative dose, body acne, age you got it etc. When they say what age you got it, do they mean the earlier you got it the more likely you are to relapse or the other way around? I started breaking out since like 10 years old but only in comedones like whiteheads and blackheads and those almost completely went away by itself when I was around 13, but at 14 I starte