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    1. Nah. Says that the cells may be permanently damaged. If that's the case, then achieving an ideal ratio may require supplementation rather than depletion. A lot of us have abstained from Vitamin A for many years post Accutane only to see slight symptom improvements in hair loss, dry nose, lips, skin.. However lethargy, depression, night blindness, digestion issues remained. Most alcoholics and smokers can make full recoveries upon cessation of their toxic drug, however this is not app
    2. I've been researching NMN lately. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide. Watched a few interviews with Hardvard professor David Sinclair and his self treatment of NMN, Reservatrol, and Metformin for anti-aging purposes.
    3. Found some nice suggestions on an online stem cell forum. "I wouldn’t use any steroids. I’m on LDN at 4.5mg and on RG3 it’s helping my brain inflammation. I would try both these first. Also curcumin is very anti inflammatory." User recommends (LDN - Low dose naltrexone). Mentioned here a bunch, I'm sure at one point in time. And RG3 - Panax Ginseng. https://pdlabsrx.com/pages/rg3?fbclid=IwAR3D9hHR_r_WSjaFlat0q41ueKkvpfAJEQyj-DHLCT3pszlD6ZJYn1QIFvM
    4. I take milk thistle or glutathione often when I want to aid the liver. It’s especially important when using exogenous hormones, or before/after consuming large amounts of alcohol. I’ve only noticed relief. Hangover decreased by 1/3. And digestion functions better for me. Only positives in my subjective opinion.
    5. Alright, let's do this thread some justice and help people. To catch everyone up to the discussion, here is a video highlighting what RealNinja and Guitarman have been discussing recently: So, if you suspect this may be an issue you'd like to tackle, what can you do? Well, first and foremost, diet change. Plant based + fruit based. Next, pro-biotic supplementation. I personally grow a lactobacillus kefir culture and drink a fermented milk smoothie twice a week. It's
    6. Vitamin A is a vital part of human embryo development as well as youth/adult regulation and homeostasis. To focus on Accutane's affect on a specific subsystem as if it is going to point you in a clear direction is dubious at best. Treatment is "controlled" retinoid toxicity. Toxicity can affect anyone and everyone differently. One persons vision may be affected, another's joint's, or endocrine system, or digestive system. Isotretinoin has genetic transcription factors (this is the most dangerou
    7. Very good information in this video. Silicon valley engineer on the fundamentals of healthy eating and his battle with melanoma. If you feel like liver detoxification is a concern, this may be a good protocol to try.
    8. i'm actually seeing a lot of success for my mental, physical, and sexual health using psilocybe cubensis. it's more than just a serotonin agonist. it's as if the mushroom inherently senses what is wrong with you and either it begins to heal you or tells your brain and body to heal. there's no doubt in my mind as to why it's illegal in many modern western societies.
    9. I mean there is no definitive correlation to anything, but I will say that Accutane is Pandora's box. The only people that are tolerant to these high amounts of retinoids are people of Scandinavian descent. The parent company is Swiss and they probably used Scandinavians throughout their clinical trials. (This is a good arguing point for any lawyer.) Isotretinoin is capable of genetic transcription, and if high amounts of Vitamin A consumption is not in your lineage, then you are susceptible
    10. For sure, the problem could lie in the Pineal gland. We know Accutane shrinks sebaceous glands, but it is a chemical, how can it discern between other various exocrine and endocrine glands? My doctor has shown that my Pituitary gland is affected and MRI revealed that I may have a micro-adenoma. Which could be causing my low Testosterone, low FSH, low LH. The Pineal gland is very close to the Pituitary. It could very well be affected. Yes, I am a big fan of mycology (study of mushrooms) and wo
    11. I've actually been making a considerable amount of improvement recently as far as mental health and digestion is concerned. So much so that I really think that not only can we catch up with the rest of the population of "normal" individuals, but that we can even surpass them one day. This curse that has been brought upon us may actually be a blessing in disguise. Digestive protocol: Basically as I've mentioned before in past posts, I started out with 2 table spoons of "kefir grains" lactobaci
    12. To summarize the thread, you have to address each one of your side effects individually by ideally seeking medical help, and if that doesn't work, ultimately through trial and error (ex. Baxyl/Fish Oil for joints). There is no cure-all. Everyone is different. There is no point of origin. Isotretinoin is a retinoid. It has the potential to alter ones phenotype systemically. The drug has genetic transcription capabilities. Retinoids have many important functions throughout the body including r
    13. Anyone who thinks Accutane isn't related to their newly found joint pain is surely mistaken. Oh, and digestive gut issues as well. This boy is thousands of iu's short from the amount of Vitamin A an Accutane patient takes on a daily basis. Also, if your heritage is from the Nothern Euro Scandanavian areas, you can tolerate excess Vitamin A that the rest of the population is not accustomed to. 5:27
    14. Hey Macleod that looks like it could be very beneficial to me and a few others, do you know I’d its safe? Only one way to find out. But I have only positives to say about Russian peptides (cerebrolysin) from my personal experience. Better than taking anything from Roche or any mainstream pharma company. That's for sure.