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  1. Be really careful with the Clarisonic. There's some horror stories out there from people who used it with negative results. (There are some good reviews of course) but from personal experience too, it made my skin absolutely terrible. Way too harsh for delicate and inflamed skin and it caused me to have broken capillaries around my nose and and top of my cheekbones which seem to be permanent I switched to something called the Foreo Luna Mini. It's much gentler for me but seems very effective
  2. I find green tea helps too. I actually switched to something called matcha tea though. Which is purely just green tea. But the WHOLE of the leaf, ground up very finely into a powder, rather than just the infused water. I think it has 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea.
  3. It does sound a little strange, but for the past week, I've been mixing a probiotic in with my regular moisturiser and I'm actually seeing a difference in my skin. Open acne seems to be healing faster and I had a patch of red, itchy skin (eczema) on my cheek which completely healed within a few days. I put the moisturiser in the palm of my hand. Cut the top off a probiotic capsule and tip about quarter of the capsule into the moisturiser and mix with my finger. The probiotic is in a powder-l