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  1. That doesnt make sense. You aint vouching for anyone. You are simply reporting that you went to Dr X, payed $$, got certain treatments and here is the progess/ result. Everyone is doing the same here
  2. why cant you name your doctor if he is good? it will help others. I have shared all the docs i have been to on this forum and it has helped ppl.
  3. @aestheticseeker what doctor are you seeing in US and what treatments have you had so far?
  4. There are Taylor liberator subcision videos on youtube by Dr Taylor himself
  5. Profractional can help depending on the depth of treatment, number of passes, density etc. did you discuss this with the derm? Is he performing the treatment himself or nurse doing it? i live in ontario myself, do you mind sharing your experience with Dr Sajic? How much he charged for Subcision with Radiesse?
  6. No i havent seen him either, but i think it wont hurt to have a consult with him. I think the key is tangential lighting so that they can see all the scars
  7. I live in toronto. Dr Barankin is crap. All he got is microneedling, profractional, TCA peel and Excel V for redness. He doesnt do any treatment himself. Has anyone tried Dr Sajic in Guelph?
  8. there is a subcision machine that exist in korea. Its called innofill plus. Not FDA approved in US/ Canada. Its basically subcision with rf energy
  9. i hope you are right because i dont wanna regret not getting it done lol The only thing that entice me is that its not just a typical phenol peel, its chemabrasion which is phenol + dermabrasion.
  10. Happy new year Well depends on the doctor. I have been to Dr rullan in San diego twice, he covers cheeks and temples in 2 incisions per side. Dr Weiner, who follows Dr lim also do 2 incisions per side as per his video on instagram: It also depends on the depth of the scars and gauge of cannula. Shallow scars need 25G/ 26G cannula. In canada, sometimes derms have bad reviews for medical conditions but good reviews for cosmetic treatments because medical is just OHIP covered. Does
  11. Generally doctors do 2 incision points with cannula subcision, one for the cheeks and one for temples. Does he use tangential lightning? if not, then he maynot be seeing all your scars. what gauge cannula did he use? how much did he diluted sculptra? 10 cc? Does Dr Sajic also do sculptra with subcision?