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  1. keving100

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    I think he is one of the best in the developed world. Yes his before and after pics are not real, meaning either its different ligting or he takes the ‘after’ pics when there is still bruising, swelling and redness. But its not entirely his fault. Its not easy to generate so much collagen in someone’s skin. HA fillers is the only thing he do that gives great realisitic results. But alteast he tries his best, and willing to learn new techniques However , he does charge a lot for his treatments.
  2. keving100

    Why You Should Never Take Antibiotics For Acne

    Completely agree. I got candida after being on and off on antibiotics :(. ALso hormonal imbalance.
  3. keving100

    What can I use to fix these scars?

    i havw had a consult with Dr Obrahmi about a year back. He is good with energy based devices..Infini and lasers. Reason i didnt pick him was because he doesnt do subcision or TCA CROSS, so he is not a true acne scar specialist.
  4. props to you. travelling for treatments really suck. i have been flying to get treatments done as well, so we are in the same boat
  5. Sculptra and infini go well together. Some docs even do them at the same session. Ideally, sculptra should be placed 6 to 8 weeks before rf microneedling for maximum benefits
  6. keving100

    Information about excision/punch grafting

    In US and Canada, there are dermatologic surgeons (not plastic surgeons), who in my opinion are the best to treat acne scars. In general, they dont charge as much as plastic surgeons and have more expertise then a dermatologist. Offcourse there are exceptions
  7. keving100

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    Yes i fly from toronto to San diego (5hrs) Dr Rullan to get my scars treated. I use tinted sunscreen to cover the redness, it works really well. I stay overnight on the day of the treatment. where do u travel to and from? and who is your doc?
  8. keving100

    Fully ablative erbium laser- technical question

    @dragonn What brand of laser did your doc used? Sciton Contour TRL? Do you mind sharing the name of your doc too?
  9. keving100

    bumps/nodules after subcision

    @Obi wan Just wondering, why do you think aspirin before subcision or prp after subcision is not a good idea?
  10. keving100

    Why do people go to Nelson Lee Novick

    He has his pros and cons. I had scar treatment done with him couple years back, and I decided to not see him again
  11. keving100

    Anyone ever treat with Dr Jeffrey Rapaport (in NJ)?

    his consultation is free, go for it. He mainly do infini, subcision, prp. I had a consult with him.
  12. @beautifulambition @UpliftingCat Did you guys hear about this: http://www.peelingsociety.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Fotos_pdfs_Dok/Events_and_Workshops/2018_AAD/Flyer_Peeling_Around_the_World18.pdf Dr Rullan told me about this. Dr Brody was present too. I wish i could attend the seminar too
  13. keving100


    @damnscars good thing about Dr Rullan is he will do the apporpriate treatment when he sees your skin. He will recommend a treatment to you but wont force it on you. If you think you need HA fillers, you can inquire about it at the appointment, and he can do the filllers in the same appointment. He prices are very reasonable, so u dont have to worry about being ripped off. I think he is a gifted derm and not after your money. The only issue is that he doesnt own a microneedling rf device.
  14. keving100

    My Visit with Dr. Novick

    When he said 'light' subcision, he probably meant subcision with the syringe needle (not NOKOR) which he will use to inject voluma
  15. keving100

    Best Subcison Doctor?

    @Urbanite Got your pm. I thought it might be a better idea to repond here so others can comment as well. Yes I got treatments done from both Novick and Rullan. If you want to get subcision + HA filler, go to Novick. Just make sure you ask him the price ahead of time. If you want subcision only, TCA Cross, sculptra, HA fillers, permanent fillers, lasers, vbeam, deep chemical peels, chemabrasion go to Rullan. For my kind of scarring, Rullan was