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  1. No i havent seen him either, but i think it wont hurt to have a consult with him. I think the key is tangential lighting so that they can see all the scars
  2. what about Dr Sajic in Guelph? Not impressed with him either?
  3. I live in toronto. Dr Barankin is crap. All he got is microneedling, profractional, TCA peel and Excel V for redness. He doesnt do any treatment himself. Has anyone tried Dr Sajic in Guelph?
  4. there is a subcision machine that exist in korea. Its called innofill plus. Not FDA approved in US/ Canada. Its basically subcision with rf energy
  5. i hope you are right because i dont wanna regret not getting it done lol The only thing that entice me is that its not just a typical phenol peel, its chemabrasion which is phenol + dermabrasion.
  6. Happy new year Well depends on the doctor. I have been to Dr rullan in San diego twice, he covers cheeks and temples in 2 incisions per side. Dr Weiner, who follows Dr lim also do 2 incisions per side as per his video on instagram: It also depends on the depth of the scars and gauge of cannula. Shallow scars need 25G/ 26G cannula. In canada, sometimes derms have bad reviews for medical conditions but good reviews for cosmetic treatments because medical is just OHIP covered. Does
  7. Generally doctors do 2 incision points with cannula subcision, one for the cheeks and one for temples. Does he use tangential lightning? if not, then he maynot be seeing all your scars. what gauge cannula did he use? how much did he diluted sculptra? 10 cc? Does Dr Sajic also do sculptra with subcision?
  8. My question is why did he increased his prices exponentially? We cannot compare with him expensive places like LA or New York.
  9. i think Rullan is being very unfair with the pricing. 2 years back he use to charge $300- $500 for subcision, $300 for CROSs and $300 for microneedling. Package price should be even cheaper
  10. Does DR. LEMCKERT use tangential lighting for subcision and sculptra? I live in Toronto and looking for a good doc for this treatment. so far i have travelled to US to get subcision/ sculptra done, but a doc in Ontario will be awesome
  11. I think he is one of the best in the developed world. Yes his before and after pics are not real, meaning either its different ligting or he takes the ‘after’ pics when there is still bruising, swelling and redness. But its not entirely his fault. Its not easy to generate so much collagen in someone’s skin. HA fillers is the only thing he do that gives great realisitic results. But alteast he tries his best, and willing to learn new techniques However , he does charge a lot for his treatments.
  12. i havw had a consult with Dr Obrahmi about a year back. He is good with energy based devices..Infini and lasers. Reason i didnt pick him was because he doesnt do subcision or TCA CROSS, so he is not a true acne scar specialist.
  13. props to you. travelling for treatments really suck. i have been flying to get treatments done as well, so we are in the same boat
  14. Sculptra and infini go well together. Some docs even do them at the same session. Ideally, sculptra should be placed 6 to 8 weeks before rf microneedling for maximum benefits