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  1. ha ha.. I wasn't getting huffy... anyways.. no, this isn't a hoax.. but if it was it would qualify as one elaborate one, with fake net sites and all :-k If you email the maker, they should send you shipping prices. Also, if you mention where you are from, they should send you info about a local distributor because I don't know all of them. mmkay?
  2. To the person who said that taping inhibits/disrupts collagen production... that isn't necessarily true. The skin consists of a number of overlapping layers of cells. The outermost layer of the skin is called the stratum corneum and consists of dead keratinized cells. This layer protects the skin from physical and atmospheric harm, acting as a barrier to external dangers. If your skin is flaking, most derms will tell you to exfoliate so that your porse/sebum canals will not block. However,
  3. http://www.kolagen.gda.pl/firma.html This link takes you direct to the maker's site... it has the phone numbers and email addy.
  4. Concerning the clinical trials, I'd really like to see all of them as well. I know the ones pertaining to the collagen and it's absorption to the bones has been proven by the National Academy of Dermatology of Gdansk, but I don't have the document on me since I'm not affiliated with the maker of Kolagen-Activ... I just use it. I'd have to ask my relatives in Poland to do some inquiries concerning these clinical tests as I'm not in that country and I don't really have the time. I know there's
  5. Well, my acne flared up about six months ago and it's been the worst ever... now I was left with red spots and 6 months for them to fade wasn't my cup of tea. I actually found out about it by accident from a realtive that lives in Poland, and since I'm in Switzerland in University, I drove up there in November and again for Christmas (nice little 18 hour drive). Anyways, it worked for me in a short time. Obviously it isn't a magic cure that will wipe away everything that makes us feel lousy o
  6. Hi again... The one (and i guess the biggest problem) with this product is it's current distribution. Prof. Przybylski created this product from a strictly medical and professional angle. Only recently (as a result of the various press the product's been getting) has it been put up for sale to the general public, so the distribution chain isn't the best. I guess it proves that it isn't just a money-grab scheme. The reason I got ahold of it is because I have relatives who live in Poland (s
  7. As a note about collagen, it should be reminded that not all collagens in cosmetics are equal. The primary problem with collagen, and it confirms what you found on the website you quoted, is that it is de-natured in the extraction process. When cosmetics claim that they contain collagen, it is usually derived from bovine skins or is synthetic. However, this isn't collagen in it's strictest form, as it is only gellatin with collagen amino-acids. This means that it is basically a placebo. The
  8. Hey... I've been using a new product for about one month and I have to tell you, this stuff works. It's called Kolagen-Activ and it is a transdermal collagen. This stuff has a patent and works on many things, including acne, pigmentation, it smoothes the skin, helps with mild scarring etc... It apparently is very potent and there are clinical trials being done on this product. After several months of use, it reaches the bone matrix and helps prevent osteoperosis. Anyways, after several days
  9. What kind of doses were you on? I stared Roaccutane on the 1st of october at 20mg a day. Then in November I started 40mg a day. It's mid December and I just can't seem to see any improvement, it actually seems to constantly be getting worse... I'm thinking of asking my derm to bump the dose up to 60 or 70 mg a day.... Hmmmm... i hoped this stuff would work faster.. but i guess that's the problem with people with acne.. they want it to work yesterday!
  10. Ok, I'll post the site... What you have to keep in mind is that, unlike what is said in the "myth's" section of Dan's site (where it says that the cause of acne is unknown), this biochemist has a specific approach to the formation of acne and how to adjust your diet in order to prevent the acne from forming. I can't stress enough that you have to read everything (and there quite a bit) in order to understand the science behind the diet so that you don't dismiss it right off the bat. It is a t
  11. I've heard that giving your skin a break is a good idea as well. It's true that the fear of having a worse breakout as a result of stopping using topical stuff prevents people from getting better results. The truth is, it might not work for everyone, it's working for me too. I added a twist to it though. If you wash your face with rosewater or cucumber juice and pulp(thinly grated cucumber), it actually soothes the skin and the cucumber has natural lightening properties, so red spots tend to
  12. I'm a new member here (and i have acne too), but I've been reading many posts. It looks a bit that most people (and I don't mean all of you) seem to dismiss anyone who mentions the word 'diet'. It's funny, because everyone seems to agree that drinking alot of water has positive effects on your skin, so why wouldn't that apply to the food you ingest? Also, most members whose posts i've read so far, seem to be geared towards the pharmaceutical stuff, and by that i mean topical creams, acids, ge