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  1. Pegotica

    Month No. 01

    Hi!!!, this is my first time with the Acne Regimen and im really hopeful of the results. I know i dont have the break out like some people but i have all this little pimples on my face and now they are in my neck. i hope this help me!!! :D
  2. Pegotica

    Month No. 02

    Finally one month done!!!. next one here i'am!!! :p
  3. From the album: Month No. 02

    Here we are. After 4 weeks and i love what i see!!!
  4. From the album: Month No. 01

    Week four and i only see some pimples drying out. No more little balls on my forehead and no more redness.
  5. From the album: Month No. 01

    I have almost no redness. after the acid the skin burns me a little and then when I absorb it calms down. what is new is that my face and neck are darker and I have been peeling a little bit on the forehead and neck.
  6. From the album: Month No. 01

    Starting my week no. 2 and i still feel some itching and burning on my face but some of the pimples are gone.
  7. From the album: Month No. 01

    Still in week one and i already see some improvement. Some redness by the acid but the pimples are drying and the little ones are not getting bigger but they are still there. Today was a good day. i stayed in the office all day drawing and making some cost analysis and i didn't went outside to the mining yard. So i didn't get the hot and the dust on my face.
  8. From the album: Month No. 01

    This was my 2nd day and i was already getting red!!!
  9. Hello!!!!. my question is. can i take a sunbathe using the regimen??? i work in a mining company in the caribbean and is sunny all the time. because the regime i stop wearing sunblock. i need to know if i can use the regime under the sun and in the beach. Thanksss
  10. From the album: Month No. 01

    This is my photo of day 1 before the treatment