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  1. � ©

    My doctor prescribed me DUAC for my redmark scars

    DUAC is the drug name for a topical cream that contains 1% Clindamycin, and 5% Benzoyl peroxide. The topical cream is effective in the treatment of acne.
  2. � ©

    Is this what you called PEELING?

    I have been putting on the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (contains glycolic acis) so thick, 2-3 pumps on each cheek, for 3 consecutive days. My face was so red. Yesterday night, when I washed it off, I actually rubbed some dead skin off my cheeks. Now, my face looks like this...uhhhh..it hurts. I have put on aloe vera so thick! My face (mainly the cheeks) is still RED! Is this what you expect what PEELING is? If not...why I can rub off some dead (peeled) skin? Check out my log for some b
  3. � ©


    When I was 22 years old (and my puberty was over I think), I thought I would never have acnes. My skin was pretty clear. But, when I turned 22, strange thing happened.. I started to get pimples... a lots of pimples at the same time. The rate of new pimples popping up was extremely fast during that time. Now, 23 years old, the rate of new pimples popping up slows, but the redmarks left from previous pimples (and new one) fade extremely slow. My skin currently looks like this (1st pic, taken
  4. � ©

    Rate my redmarks too

    #post 417 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...0&start=400 Rate my redmarks/skin 1-10, 10 being the worst. I rate it 8. Any suggestions to reduce my rating score? Please.
  5. Hey DELICIOUS Mike, how r u?

    1. � ©

      NEW PIC

      Here's my link to my gallery of images. I still have a lot to add but I seem to have lost a huge album of images somewhere on my pc. http://profile.imageshack.us/user/casenickles
    2. � ©

      One word that describes you

    3. � ©

      Washing face before or after work out?

      For me, splashing after workout broke me out!
    4. � ©


      Ur eyebrow????
    5. � ©

      JC's DELICIOUS Skin

      Yeah. Skin was so shit. Pics on page 7, I think. They are in my multivitamin. ;D
    6. � ©

      honey for treating acne

      I drink a glass of honey everyday. I am clear. Don't really know whether it is the honey or not.
    7. � ©

      A month after using DKR bp gel

      Is 15 too young for accutane?
    8. � ©

      My new haircut!

    9. � ©

      JC's DELICIOUS Skin

      ahh....very true. But it doesn't matter.... I WILL HAVE DELICIOUS SKIN SOON, I believe in myself :D
    10. � ©

      JC's DELICIOUS Skin

      I take a multivitamin lol. Btw, I am clear. :D from your redspots? :doh: Clear means clear from acne lol. If I don;t have redmarks, it is "nearly DELICIOUS" lol.
    11. � ©

      The Lab

      I wanna see some pics, Ndn!
    12. � ©

      Rate my redmarks too

      Compared to those clear/nice/DELICIOUS skin people, mine is bad!
    13. � ©

      Rate my redmarks too

      Hey do you have any pics from say... 3 months ago (around then). I want to analyze and see how fast your skin heals. The skin regenerates once fully (top part) once a month, give or take a few days. So depending on the damage, it may take longer etc. So that's why I want to see a 3 month old picture so I can see what's up
    14. � ©

      Rate my redmarks too

      Ok. No more harsh products!!!!! Can't wait for it to heal..... I have been waiting for like a year.
    15. � ©

      Rate my redmarks too

      yeah.....they look bad...almost 8 in real life!
    16. � ©

      Mission: Say Good Bye to Acne

    17. � ©

      JC's DELICIOUS Skin

      I made a big mistake..........:cry: :cry: :cry: r u mentally retarded? I didn't know lol. :doubt:
    18. � ©

      Rate my redmarks with pics

      I would exfoliate! I rate 2.