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  1. Hey JK hows you been?

  2. Come Back!!!!!!!! Jaffa misses his old acne org chums :(

  3. Did your red marks fade on their own? Where have you been?

  4. hey this is matheus, where'd you go? did your face clear? your progress log was one of the best.

  5. JC! you are missing..hmmm, have you been bannnnnnnned?

  6. supp jay sheeee :P I havent talked to you in a while do you have aim?!

  7. haven't seen you around in a while..are you behaving yourself JC? Love, Mom

  8. bahahahahahahahahahah


  9. Hey DELICIOUS Mike, how r u?

  10. Here's my link to my gallery of images. I still have a lot to add but I seem to have lost a huge album of images somewhere on my pc. http://profile.imageshack.us/user/casenickles