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  1. Aesthetic Dermatology -- Dr. Binstock, Dr. Tannenbaum. I see Stephanie Cullilane (she's a physician's assistant and very good). They have an office on Battery Street in San Franciso and one in Mill Valley. Also, I highly recommend my aesthetician -- she does amazing facials and has kept my skin in such good condition, you wouldn't believe. Her name is Denise Spanek and she works at Visage Studio in Burlingame. I highly, higly recommend her.
  2. I was so happy, on my last week of Accutane with beautiful, clear skin. Then... I notice red bumps on my back, some on my stomach and legs. I thought it was a pimple breakout, but just found out that it is a staph infection. I guess people with dry skin are prone to these infections, especially if we cut or break our skin easily. As I've had this infection for about two weeks, most of the bumps have cleared on their own... I guess it ran it's course through my system.... although I do now ha
  3. Have any of you experienced breakouts in brand new places while on Accutane? I'm on my 5th (and I think last) month of treatment. I started at 40mgs per day at month one, then moved up to 60mgs per day for the last 4 months. My face cleared up at the end of month 2 and I've had no breakouts at all... It's been great! Then today I notice about 4 pimples on my back and 3 on my stomach. I've never broken out in these areas and I'm completely freaked out. Now, I did do a hot sweaty yoga class
  4. I agree with mickey67... you don't want to trade one problem for another. Stick with healthy fats and you'll feel so much better.
  5. Thanks everyone... I feel better now!
  6. I will miss a day or two of Accutane due to timing of seeing doctor and waiting for script to be refilled. I've heard this is no big deal (I'm on 20mg 3x daily). Anyone experience adverse side affects when they've missed a dose? Thanks!
  7. I started getting facials the month prior to starting Accutane and have been doing it ever since. I'm currently in the middle of month three at 60mgs per day. My skin is totally clear and it's tone/texture is the best it's ever been. I was going once a week for the first 7 weeks, now I'm going every other week. If you get facials and extractions, you must go to someone with acne experience; someone you trust that really knows what they are doing. I really believe my Accutane treatment is go
  8. Had it for the first few weeks, then it went away.
  9. I do hot yoga every day... yoga in a room heated to about 110 with 40% humidity. I have had no issues while being on Accutane and my derm said it was OK too. After class, I am sure to use a very mild toner to wipe away the sweat (I'm sure water and a mild soap is fine too), just so the sweat does not dry on your face and clog pores. After only 2 1/2 months on Accutane, I'm totally clear.
  10. That is more than enough fat! Just the eggs alone with milk and some cheese would do the trick. A scrambled egg with some avacado would also work. Honestly, you don't need to go overboard.
  11. It does not have to be a big, fatty meal. I think we should be careful about not encouraging people to eat tons of cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, etc. No one wants to take on a bunch of other problems due to bad food consumption. There are plenty of good fats that you can eat while on Accutane -- whole milk yogurt, avacados, some peanut butters, almonds, cashews, olive oil, cottage cheese, etc. If you take Accutane with your biggest meal of the day, you will more than likely have enough fat to
  12. Thanks for the info... very helpful.
  13. The organic brands are not "processed" like most other dairy products. I've read and been told by doctors that they are better for you. But certainly, just my preference and not intended to tell others what or how to eat.
  14. You don't have to take it with "bad" fat, like fast food. Take it with almonds, cashews, avacado, whole milk yogurt (an organic brand is best), salmon, olive oil, small amount of peanut butter. If I'm worried about the meal not having enough fat, I'll take 2 or 3 spoonfuls of the organic whole milk yogurt along with it. Not only good for your bones (especially for women), but good for Accutane absorbtion.
  15. I've just told people. Once you tell them, then they are just like "oh", and move on. Or, you hear "Oh, my friend took that", or "someone in my family"... and you end up having a conversation about it. Then they are off to the next thing. Honestly, most people are so wrapped up in themselves that they are really not that interested.