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  1. Are you interested in buying SKinfood's Tea Tree Oil Facial Foam? It's good for skin with acne problems. I am selling. smile.gif

  2. I was on accutane years and years ago, but I'm not familiar with the "rules" However, a big 'yes' on topical c&e. I use it and it's great. It's won't cure your scars but it helps. I'm fairly into research and mix it myself from powder each time. The topicals are very tricky to buy because asorbic acid (vit c) is unstable and will break down very quickly. Anyway I reccommend skinceuticals "C E Ferulic" serum. It's expensive. good luck.
  3. These are ice picks and some boxcar scars. You will need something like dermabrasion, phenol, co2 peels. This is fairly major and you will be unpreseantable for a minimum of a week, possibly two. And hten you will be bad sunburn red for a month or so. They are not cheap either. plan on 5000+. Good luck. feel free to PM me.
  4. TCA Peels burn your face or wherever you put them. Most scar treatments are "controlled damage" they damage the skin in hopes it will heal more evenly (i.e. with dimished scars). TCA peels are best for lighter skin types because they can cause demarcation lines for darker types or when not applied well. Darker means anything other than pale white - think Irish. They even out tone somewhat, but they will make you redder longer while you heal. They are best for minimal boxcar, but can "
  5. TCA Cross is not a peel, it is usually applied with a toothpick like stick. It's 100% tca on a specific scar. A peel is usually full face or large areas. There are light, medium and high strength. A high strength TCA peel would be 30-50%. Not to be tried at home unless you really know what you're doing. A phenol peel is the most dramatic peel there is. You can't do it at home. And it takes general sedation. It's a major undertaking.
  6. It is kinda frusterating to have posts where people are hysterical about very minor issues. I think there are a lot of teenagers and young people here. and this age group tends to be dramatic and see these issues as the end of the world. They don't have the information or insight that there are lots and lots of people way worse off then they. It can be annoying; I try to be compassionate. Then again the "my scars are the worst" my be marketing ploy to get people to read the posts.
  7. I see what looks like an indented boxcar scar surrounded by active acne. yes?
  8. I agree it's minor in the photos. It's the kind of scarring I had when I was younger which got worse as I lost facial fat and collagen as I aged. Also your skin type looks similar to mine. I see what could be a rolling scar on one cheek. The rest are boxcar. I see no icepicks. I would do a series of tca peels - cautiously a first. Wear sunscreen the rest of your life to avoid your scars getting worse.
  9. pennypal


    I can't tell a thing from that pic. If it's the right kind of scar get it filled with collagen or one of the other fillers. It's temporary, but the money you make in modeling should cover the shots
  10. or this could be milia. If they're small - like the size of a pin head - it's milia, you can get them extracted by a facialist. They're really hard to get rid of your own- although some do go away. It's not scarring
  11. use a gentle moisturize, stay out of the sun, use sunscreen. Don't exfoliate or use retin-a or it's derivatives. Chances are it's just redness and will go away in another month.
  12. Sorry, those look like deep scars. Chicken pox? wow. Those are gong to be tough to get rid of and you have dark skin which can get discoloration form many procedures and peels. The peel you describe won't help much. See a professional about laser or dermabrasion.
  13. Yes this sounds like a rolling scar. Subsicion is the first step. They've helped my rolling scars by 60%.
  14. Are saying which treatment is best at getting rid of scars? Well, that's why we're all here. *There is no one treatment that works for everyone* It's hard for people to get that. It all depends. If you have all the money in the word, all the time to take of work, can find a great experienced plastic surgeon, get a laser proceedure like Co2 -but I can't tell you which one either - it still depends on you! You see a lot of people in the first few weeks complaining bitterly about how disfi
  15. I did collagen fillers for about two years. It completely removed the scars - lasted for about 4 months. The plastic surgeon over-filled the areas, so they were bumpy the first day, but it was a great method because the scars were completely gone. It was really great. I just didn't like the expense and then having the scars come back anew every four months.