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  1. Interesting thoughts here all and an interesting link Anna. Here is another thought on the -- elderly and seemingly less scarring -- issue.. statistically speaking, there are just less old people alive than there are younger ones. Many people don't make it to the elderly ages and so we would be less likely on average to see elderly with scars than we would among younger folks.
  2. Hello everyone, I had 4 test spots done in early Dec and just had the full treatment done on all of my scars about a week ago. Scabs are off--except for about 2 remaining. As far as the--effective on which types of scars--issue. Although my doctor told me that it works best on pitted scars, I personally have all kinds of scars--I have the some small pits/enlarged pore types and I also have the kind that wouldn't look like a scar really if they were flush with the surface--so the depres
  3. Hello all, Wanted to follow up regarding my concerns about TCA CROSS treatment potentially making scars wider and deeper. My doctor advised me that they have had no cases of deepening and widening of scars. He said that he thinks that could happen if the acid was held onto the scar for too long. Also, to clarify, my concern here was not about a -- short-term--looks at first like it's bigger scenario, but rather my concern was about a genuine--uh oh after 2 months or 6 months or however lon
  4. Thanks anna and mrstupor for the input. I've done four test pits and have myself scheduled for a full face TCA Cross treatment coming up soon. Out of an abundance of caution, though, I've emailed my doctor and asked him about whether this is a good treatment for larger types of scars, rolling indented ones--or if its better just for icepicks and I've asked him if this is a risk of the procedure--widening and deepening of scars--or if possibly this is just something that would resolve with more
  5. Hi Footprint, I think if you're going to put something on the scabs, that would be a wise selection given its collagen building properties. Just be careful to not dislodge your scabs early. Speaking of TCA treatment, have any of you read Healthy Skeptic's (sp?) post --TCA Cross and Stefany (sp?) ? I wonder what happened with her treatments as well. Also, James (Healthy Skeptic) mentions that his scars are deeper and wider after having TCA Cross done by his doctor. I wasn't aware myself
  6. I've wondered the same thing myself--nope, haven't heard anything about stefany and I wonder how her treatments turned out as well too. I haven't heard any reports of deepening and widening of the scars -- given enough time. There is nothing mentioned about this possible outcome in the Korean article. I'm sorry to hear about this happening to you. Have you spoken with the person who performed the treatment? Are you using any topicals to promote collagen growth on the scars?
  7. Hi Simon, I have found personally that the vinegar and lemon method has helped fade red marks quickly. Aloe, I've never tried, but I know it's good for the skin and is probably worth a try. Mandelic Acid 10%-15% has worked for many too. Regarding TCA complex, I don't know about the shedding time, haven't done it myself. You can follow this thread (sounds like you are already though): http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=13028 I've done the TCA Cross for scarring myself--
  8. Hello all, Thank you very much for your helpful replies to my questions! I appreciate the details shared. Good luck to you too Crosslinker with your treatment and you too Chrissy and everyone else doing TCA Cross (and anything else for that matter)! Please keep us all posted on your results.. Also Chrissy about your nose scar you mention, I know when I was having the CROSS treatment done I couldn't believe how many times the aesthetician went back down to the same area and pressed har
  9. Hi, To my knowledge restylane, bovine collagen & cosmoplast are all temporary fillers. Restylenane and cosmoplast don't require an allergy test (I'm pretty sure) while bovine collagen does. I think these last anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the individual. There is another filler not mentioned much on these boards--radiance. This one is supposed to last anywhere from 2-5 years, does not require an allergy test and is made from no human or animal products. I spoke with a
  10. Hi all, I posted a message about my test spot TCA Cross treatment performed on Dec. 4th. I had it done by an aesthetician at a doctors office. To give some skin background, I am 32 and have not tried anything to remedy my scars until the last year or so. Commencing about a year ago I had maybe 6 microdermabrasions and a couple of peels--which, as many of you have experienced, made my skin smoother, etc, but not much improvement in scar reduction, but possibly a little. So, it has been
  11. Greetings all! I have been reading all of your posts for some time, but had not registered until now. Thank you all for your posts. After quite a bit of deliberation time, I have opted for TCA Cross. Yesterday I had my 1st 100% TCA treatment done at a doctor's office by an aesthetician on 4 test spots. 2 of these scars were kind of pitted/depressed, not super deep, but very noticeable. I cannot believe how different these 2 scars look since treatment. Improvement is incredible, but I