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  1. Accutane is most likely an option, depending on the severity of one's acne and blood analysis, the Dermatologist will determine if Accutane is right for you. However, Accutane is known for having very serious side effects on certain individuals, keeping that in mind, it would be wise to consider other less invasive treatments first. I see that you are currently trying Aczone, you should definitely continue that and see how that works out.You can also enhance and supplement that regime wit
  2. I do feel a certain level of inferiority, or mainly feel that people feel superior when looking at me, as if looking at me actually encouraged them "Hey at least I'm not that kid with all that acne", I'm almost positive that's what they're thinking, also the fact that they end up touching their face on the exact same location as my acne, ever notice that? people always touching their face where your acne is at....oh humans...but as far as an identity crisis, I wouldn't relate, I guess I underst
  3. WakeUp

    Organic, All natural,(no chemicals) Maintains skin normal, not oily or dry. Works great as a spot treatment or facial mask. Pretty expensive, a a tube of 2.5oz is around 30 something dollars, Other than that, nothing really. Overall, this product is great for those interested in a highly effective yet earth friendly facial product. I've tried everything else and this is has been on the few products that has actually given me positive results.Bless the Swedes!
  4. Yes, that is exactly why, but also keep in mind that our physiology differs from person to person, with that said, our bodies will of course react different. Seems like you have moderately severe cystic nodules. No, your face does not look grotesque, you actually look quite professional. I don't know what type of treatments you have been trying, but from the looks of your Joined date it seems like you're not new to any of this, but I've had acne as severe as yours, if not worse, and not too long
  5. Yo, glad to hear that Carley's is working for someone else, like you, I also tried everything from over the counter to more abrasive laser treatments that did nothing, until about almost 2 years ago I began to try Kick A** and its been the only thing that's kept my acne under control...keep it up buddy!

    1. Question? Did u continue to use the Kick *ss treatment for the enitre 2 yrs, or did you switch over to their milder version? I'm asking because my acne is somewhat severe, but only around my mouth area. I'd get several large, painful cysts at a time in that area. Other than that, my skin doesn't break out much in the other areas. I do get bumps on my nose & cheeks, but rarely on my forehead. What do you think? Your opinion/feedback is welcomed & appreciated. (I also replied to th
    2. My life would completely change if I didn't have ACNE, no more being self conscious, self esteem would increase dramatically, be more outgoing, more engaging, so on and so forth, so it would be a life changing experience
    3. ACNE wont kill you, and its only and all time low in your life if you make it that way. We've all suffered from acne, we know it kills our social life, we know. And instead of reacting with frustration because of poor results, act with calmness, but don't give up. And I'm sure if you're dieting well and using the regime, it must be helping something out, you might not see it, but it is. Besides that, there are numerous other things you can add or do to your regime that will most likely improve y
    4. Yep, I"m definitely embarrassed, and it doesn't help being shy either, but hey you gotta deal with it right. Oh and today I'm almost positive I heard the dental assistant crack jokes about me,
    5. I've been using it for about almost 2 years now and I've seen decent results. Mind you that this product is indeed abrassive, and I'd only recommend if you have severe acne, I had several cysts at a time and now I'm usually down to 1-3 small postulates. And after using for almost 2 years, I am on my second week off it, hopefully to calm my redness, like I said, its pretty abrassive and will most likely indeed leave redness, but its pretty effective if you use it consistently for severe acne.
    6. I know this is an old post, so I thought I'd share my experience with PDT at Celibre...and although the atmosphere at the clinic itself is friendly and informative; they lack straightforwardness and sincerity. After having 4 PDT sessions, all with BLUE LIGHT afterwards, had little to no effect on clearing my acne. I don't think I ever updated, but check out some of my old posts...haa, this is me updating. Also, Celibre told me this is the second most intense cystic acne treatment next to Accuta
    7. Well I finished my 3rd and final ALA/PDT , there is a slight difference in my skin, I had borderline severe acne, now I have moderate I guess, other than that my skin is alright I don't think it's as bumpy as before, but it was indeed expensive. Well I wish you luck and hopefully you get greater results. p.s. My last session was indeed painful, it seems like the more you do, the more exuberant the reaction and downtime is.
    8. I have mild case of OCD and have GAD, I also had a nervous breakdown this year and psychological pain is always worse, but hey, what you gonna do right?
    9. So how does one get this miracle drug? Dermatologist or just ones general doctor?