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  1. I get cysts now and then, and they're lodge deep into my skin (so i basically just see a bump on my face with no redness or anything, and no chance of poping it without scraping my skin). Now a day I just leave it, let it run it's cycle, and when it gets really big i just squeeze it and it pop out like crazy, and it died down (I'm guessing all the stuff underneath got poped out). Not sure if it'll leave a scar or not.. but currently that's the best way I can deal with it, I can apply BP or w/e
  2. hey, I have no clue either, if I knew then I woulda fixed it earlier lol. But that's just my case..
  3. I also want to confirm, 105 broke me out like i owe it money... I also notice a change in the consistancy, it just feels "grainer" when I apply. I tested this out because I stop using it, and I stop breaking out (alot less). I've been using the product for a while and it worked out well, but this scares me.
  4. I'm just asking the general public, because my relative is raving about her doc... I understand that as far as surgery procedure asia might be lagging behind, but their cosmetic stuff should be very close to the US due to the amount of docs doing it (i think 150% of koreans have some sort of facial surgery lol). I've been browsing the boards, apparently procedure to remove scars are 500 bucks for simple ones that you have to revisit 8-10 times... and that's only for minor scars... that's alot o
  5. How do you guys feel about going over seas to get treatment? From what I know, asian countries (korean/japan/thailand/vietnam ect...) are pretty advance when it comes to cosmetic, in fact I do not doubt that their top docs are better than the run of the mills ones we have here (the average doc). I've always feel that in the US they have the top docs that do celeb and rich people, then we have the doc that do the civilian who doesn't have as much skills (as i have friends attending medical scho
  6. you guys are not even thinking before you talk, those actors have scar, sure they're visible, but it's only a little bit, if you pass by you won't even see them, VS us on here no make up no nothing and most of us with ance carries alot of them, i'm not even talking about 1-2 or 10, i'm talking about area, so the comparision is pointless. Sure i'll be attractive if i have the amount of scar brat pitt has lol.
  7. what's the view on this? I'm totally against plastic surgery in these countries because there's a much bigger potential for dying/getting really sick. However in these countries, the chemical peel/laser procedure is quite less (in cost), I do not know about the side effect and the level of danger in these procedures but if you're on a trip for a month or 2, is it worth it to visit these doctors a few times?
  8. hehe...I want FAST result... YES..I got flaking today! red stuff like that takes a bit of time to fade... doing it too much is just gonna make your skin worst... what i found out is alot of things on your face will be back to normal after a certain amount of time... sometimes treatment will make it worst because it effects how the skin react and let's face it, alot of product isn't perfect for each individual skin... what i've found out is just try to keep the acne under control, fi
  9. did u get in on the deal? i saw it but only order some cleanser and stuff....... it's got GA in there so it should work.. i'll wait for the next coupon before i order that stuff.
  10. this thing sux, the thing smell like it's been drown in alcahol. i dislike pads in general. i keep thinking that the cotton pad sucks up all the medication :)... you might like it, i didn't. i threw the whole box out.
  11. i'm on the thing for a few days now, and my skin is kindda dry, it itches too. it's ok when i have moisterizer on. but if i don't it's dry and it itches... not sure if that's normal...
  12. i watch those vid like 10 times before i order the stuff... turns out i was washing my face the wrong way all these time
  13. i've been on the forum for a while, but i haven't had a chance to take some picture to have a better discription of what is on my dang face.... i went to my family doctor, and she gave me BP... told me to use it everyday, other than that she doesn't know much about skin, so that don't help much. hopefully i can get a better view on the matter on here oh, i gave myself some black sun glasses to keep my identity a scecret hahaha well, lets start with the 1st picture, close up of the front of m
  14. with that alvatar i've always thought the OP is a guy ... but it's a girl and a pretty girl at that nice skins, i'm gonna have to try what u tried lol. bad skin sux major.