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  1. Even though I would get paid for it, I don't think I would ever be comfortable enough to do something like that. I am just too sensitive about it.
  2. I understand how you feel. When I got my permit, I completed the required amount of hours with an instructor within a month. I felt fine driving with an instructor, because I knew that he would be there to do something if something happens. But most people can't get skilled enough to pass the driving test and/or drive on their own by just practicing for a total of a few hours. I was really scared of driving with a normal car (one without the extra set of brakes/pedal), though - I was like, "
  3. When I'm not wearing makeup and step outside the house to get mail, I worry whether someone I know would walk or drive by and see my face. It is absurd because the process literally takes me only two seconds (the mailbox is on the wall, right next to my right door).
  4. Hi. These days I have not been breaking out much anymore, and when I do get bumps, most could be controlled with the aspirin mask and also by using the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque as overnight spot treatment. I do, however, have hyper pigmentation and very oily skin. I am looking to try new products to control these. I read on Makeup Alley (link) that Milk of Magnesia may be used under makeup to control oiliness? So I am wondering if anyone on here has tried that. I also want to start us
  5. Ooh, I am looking for a primer as well. To the ones who suggested using aloe vera gel, does it control oil production during the day (I start feeling/looking shiny about an hour after I cleanse my face) in addition to prepping the skin for makeup? And would I use it before or after applying my tinted moisturizer?
  6. Sometimes it does look weird when a tank top is worn under a tube top, but in this case, I think showing thin straps would be fine. I personally would just go for a strapless bra, though. I actually have a couple of tube tops in this style (though not in white), and I like it because since the top part is sort of loosely elastic and stretchy, it makes me feel safer about wearing a strapless bra
  7. I get compliments on my hair. I have naturally wavy hair, and I guess that's not very common in Asian people. People have asked me if I curl or perm my hair, then they tell me that it looks nice. ::
  8. I've been using it for a few months, in the morning and at night after washing my face, but I don't think it has been effective for me. The red marks are still there and fairly visible. I've actually decided to stop using it, and look for another type of fading gel.
  9. I heard you're supposed to use the warm urine from a young boy (no idea why), but I'm not about to try that.
  10. I guess I generally like myself. I have a decent personality, I know that I am smart, and I genuinely care about most people. I do lack in self-confidence and optimism, however, so that is probably a huge setback.
  11. No one except my immediate family has seen me with a mask on. I don't think it would be that bad anyway, even if someone not in my family did. At least my scars and acne would be covered, hah.
  12. My best friend doesn't mention it. I really don't think she cares much about it. As for her skin, it's pretty much perfect. I don't see this friend often, though. Another close friend (who moved to Texas this summer, though) has acne and acne scars too, so that kind of makes me feel better. We complain about our acne to each other sometimes, haha, and of course both want to get rid of the damn scars.
  13. Well, thanks for the information, but that really does not change what I think about dermatologists. Just because one derm committed such an act does not mean that we should not start losing our trust in derms.
  14. I actually tried this for the first time yesterday. It's too soon to tell how effective it is for me, but the mask definitely felt really nice and refreshing, haha. I'm not sure how often to use it, though. I think I'll try daily, or every other day.