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  1. I have been on/off the regimen for a really long time (7 years) and I have not noticed my blackheads go away. There was a time period when I was super religious about following the Regimen and it cleared me up drastically but still my nose looked like a strawberry it's just instead of being black they were a light brown. I do however remember reading posts though out the years of people with blackheads saying they "fell out" while on the Regimen so maybe everyone is different. As for breaking
  2. Just walk in, say hello when they greet you, and when they ask if you need help finding anything just say you came in to look around. Then just walk off. They will get the idea you want to browse by yourself. If people keep coming up to you be polite but firm that you are just shopping today. I never worked at Sephora but I did work at the Gap during college. Your manager expects you to greet someone, push some product, and be sure you say hi to them again while browsing. If you say no thank you
  3. I was wondering if there was a helpful vitamin guide or if someone wanted to start one. I think it would be beneficial if we could simply see what would be good for our skin vitamin wise broken down into healthy doses. Plus say, for example, if we take extra zinc do we need to also take another type of vitamin so it works better etc etc. I understand there may be threads spread about the forum it's just with this new section having a pinned guide would be really helpful. I know I would appreci
  4. I am not sure if I have a low thyroid it is more a self diagnosis. I have always been tired my entire life even when I get a lot of sleep, and I experience a lot of the other symptoms on the list. Plus at least four people in my family have been diagnosed. (Grandmother, uncle, first cousins etc) I know I need to go to a doctor but I have no money and no health insurance for all the visits, tests and possibly prescriptions. I am hoping to remedy that soon and see a doctor for a proper diagnosis
  5. I have some dandruff. Not a huge problem but I thought I would try some ACV, and so I was in the shower I shampooed left it in and then poured some acv on my head and massaged it in with the shampoo. I let it sit for about a minute, rinsed and conditioned then rinsed again. I went on with my day, fell asleep, woke up late and didn't wash my hair for the day. Today my head has been itching like crazy and I see white flakes everywhere. Could the straight acv irritated my scalp? Maybe it wasn't ri
  6. Hey, has anyone been waxed before? I have dark course hair, and even if I shave my armpit area is just ew.. no matter what. So I was thinking of getting them waxed professionally. How long should I except the results to last?
  7. Thank you for apologizing. I am one of the people that privately contacted you, and told you I liked the tubes versus the pump and I linked you to this thread because I wanted an official response. 1. I received my first bottle a few weeks ago. My pump is not "broken" but when I pump out the BP it sprays it out in uneven consistencies. Is this normal? Instead of pumping out like most pump lotion bottles do it sprays it out like windex cleaner. If this is normal? If it is I don't know how peo
  8. I agree. I would like the option of the 4 oz tube back. People have overwhelmingly said they prefer the tubes over the bottle.
  9. What are all the things that break you out? I tried jojoba oil and it broke me out. ): I figure I need to find fellow sensitive skin sufferers and avoid what breaks them out.
  10. Do you sit next to her in class? See if you can get your seat moved. If not don't come to class till the bell rings that way she can't talk to you if the teacher is lecturing, and if she talks to you during free time try to do homework or pretend to text someone on your phone. Or talk to another person beside you excluding her from the conversation. You probably don't want to touch your face but if she is say sitting to the left of you I find when you rest your hand against your face, and have h
  11. I use petroleum jelly on my dry hands and feet but wouldn't it cause break outs on the face? I'm scared to try this ):
  12. Looking good. I like your shirt in your five week after picture.
  13. Are you washing your hands after the BP and after the moisturizer? If not I would do that, and then apply extra moisturizer just for your hands. That should help them from drying out.
  14. I don't think it is strange I get ear and nose pimples all the time. I just thought people mainly broke out on their face, chest, arms and and back. Who knew.
  15. What's your miracle cure diet? I'm interested.