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  1. ... Or, those types of 'real men' just aren't their type. Why is the fact that not all girls swoon over bulging muscles so hard to believe?
  2. I despise makeup too. It's exhausting having to get up early with plenty of time to spare before going out, day in day out, just to ensure that you have enough time in which to try and make yourself look presentable. A year or so ago I managed to break out of my reliance on makeup and was able to go out here and there bare-faced. Now I find myself coming back to it again because I feel I need to at least try to make my skin look better. What depresses me most though, is that even with makeup I
  3. That's just awful. I'd be incredibly upset and annoyed if I had been in your position and had an experience like that, too. The way they just cut you off and didn't seem to be interested in your explanation shows how disgustingly ignorant they are. I hope everything works out alright for you.
  4. I think that on occasions opposites do attract and can actually complement each other nicely, making for a good relationship. On the other hand, I am kind of skeptical when it comes to big differences in personality and social preferences. I don't think I'd cope very well if my other half wanted me to go along to parties and such regularly, either, and I can definately see how it could be a major source of friction in the relationship if the person I was with wanted me to spend more time out bei
  5. I'm mind-fucked too. Who wants to join my mind-fuck club? A humble fee of 50p is all it requires. Free badges, stickers, watered-down homemade orange squash and a lifetime membership to all the mindfuckery you could ever need.
  6. I'm introverted. I don't cope very well with being around others for a significant period of time and I'm generally happier on my own and away from social situations. I do agree with you Siouxie, about introversion and social anxiety/self-consciousness in social situations getting frequently linked and mixed up by some people when there can really be such a world of difference between them. I've known people who have been confident in themselves and perfectly able in social situations but who
  7. I'm incredibly pale too. Every flaw on my face just screams "look at me!" When the camera flash is on (provided I haven't managed to dart for cover), I'm about the same hue as a piece of white paper.
  8. Well, you're thinking outside the box, I'll give you that
  9. fixed link You don't appear to have any scarring.
  10. I have a couple of lovely cysts at the moment. Do you think I should be more careful when I go out with them? I don't want to be giving all the guys on the train boners at the sight of their sexiness.
  11. Definately get yourself a good sunscreen to prevent any further damage. Like Beck said, regular exfoliation should help, you may perhaps also see some improvement after a series of glycolic acid peels. If the BP has so far worked for you, maybe try switching to a lower strength or lowering the amount of times you apply it daily to twice a day instead of 3 times. 3 times does seem quite high and in addition to leaving your skin more vulnerable to the sun, it's probably drying it out a good deal t
  12. Ditto on the moisturising tip. No matter how good you are at applying makeup or what quality the products you use are, if your skin is dry it's going to look pants no matter what. I can sympathise with how difficult it is to wear makeup whilst on accutane, it can be a nightmare. If at all possible, I would actually ditch the makeup or switch it to something like a tinted moisturiser. I know that sometimes that just isn't an option though, in which case I'd again agree with the above and recomm
  13. Crud. I knew it would be expensive prior to gathering quotes but I hadn't plumped for it costing quite so much! However, if you feel more comfortable with the more expensive dermatologist then that is the one I would go with. After all, it's quite a substantial procedure and I think the most important thing is to place yourself in the best possible hands, even if that means stretching your budget. Like softly said, you don't want to end up regretting making your choice on the basis of costs and
  14. I think the most important thing you can do right now is to let your friend know you're available to talk, should he wish to do so. If you really can't face the prospect of attending the funeral, don't feel bad for not going. Many people prefer not to go along to funerals for various reasons, and I'm sure your friend will already have a lot of support from other friends and family on the day. Perhaps ask him beforehand if he would particularly like you to be there for support, it may be that he'
  15. Chicks don't dig messed up liver. Accutane isn't going to clear up anything if you have to come off it because your blood tests come back funky. So, be careful & be sensible.
  16. Bump. I'm looking into having this done next year possibly and it would be great to hear from anyone in the UK who has had the same procedure. It's proving quite difficult at the moment to find anyone's feedback and personal experience on centres that carry out fraxel re:pair here. Any details or opinions on where to go would be greatly appreciated.
  17. 1) Do you suffer from acne? Yes 2) What grade of acne do you suffer from? Now: Grade II Acne - Many blackheads, and some blemishes. Before accutane: Grade IV Acne - Cystic acne and inflammation. (Scarring is currently the main issue for me) 3) Do you feel like acne effects how introverted/extroverted (shy/outgoing) you are? Yes, although I've always been introverted by nature. 4) Does acne affect the likelihood of you befriending a person? (I.E. - Less likely to friend someone with bad acne.)
  18. I'm convinced that my left profile is nicer than my right so I find myself trying to stand in the right places to avoid people looking at my worst angles. Silly, because I'm sure they're both the same in actuality. The right hand side of my face has better skin though, so that evens it out . Like a lot of us here seem to do, I also usually have some of my hair covering my face. I just feel more hidden and safe behind it. I'm sure the people who live near me must think I'm always up to somethi
  19. Too long to read? Seemed perfectly reasonable to me, there's no need to apologise John. Good for you that you feel this way, I think it's a great attitude to have and if you can keep it up then props to you.
  20. Yeah, the good old clearasil recommendations... shit, why didn't I ever think to try it! My favourite is when people take it upon themselves to inform you that you have bad skin, "Wow, your skin got bad!" / "What happened?" / "What's that?" Oh fuck, what? When did that happen. I guess I didn't notice it myself, it's nice that you thought to point it out to me though.
  21. I'm sure this same question came up not too long ago... I still stick by my original answer. I'd take the money, it's a no-brainer for me. 1 million dollars would go a long way towards helping good causes and if that meant myself having bad skin, so be it. (And no, I'm not just saying that because it's the nice, unselfish thing to say. I genuinely do feel that such a substantial amount of money could bring more happiness or relief all around than just me being happy with my clear skin could). H
  22. I can relate also. Particularly about the thinking you look acceptable when you're indoors and then catching sight of yourself again when you're out and feeling horrified experience. Somewhere inside I keep on mustering up the strength to bounce back and to some extent forget what I look like (that's the only reason I'm still able to semi-function sadly), but sooner or later you can't help seeing yourself in the car wing mirror or wherever and that's when my insides basically feel like they're b
  23. I get you. Even though my skin is around 90% better than it used to be, I'm still somewhat stuck in the same mindset as when I had severe acne. Part of it is because I have scarring and what not, so I'm not actually 'clear' in that my skin looks entirely normal. But it's also partly because I think you can get so used to being broken out that your mind doesn't fully adjust once you clear up. You can become so programmed into feeling self-conscious about your skin, so used to being afraid to look
  24. The basic premise behind 'The Secret' is nothing new. It just happens to be nicely wrapped up in a layer of cheese which is the sort of thing people love to gulp up these days. It's not difficult to grasp the fact that of course if you adopt a positive mindset and clearly set out the goals you wish to achieve that you move closer to actually reaching them. The best examples are such whereby someone adopts the mindest that something positive is going to happen to them, for example that they'll as
  25. Yes, some people don't care or at least don't appear to care. I have the utmost respect for them really, as there are so many days when I can't muster up the energy to put on a brave face and just get on with things yet these people don't let it bring them down and go out and face life head on regardless. I had a friend with quite severe acne but who was the most bubbly, loud and outgoing person imaginable. She certainly didn't appear to let acne bother her, and as a consequence you didn't ten