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  1. Sounds normal to me. After having acne for a significant length of time, it's probably quite natural to feel strange once you do clear up simply because you're so used to having problem skin. You'll soon get used to it. Congratulations on clearing up.
  2. I'm sorry that happened to you. Some people just seem to have a complete lack of tact, never taking the time to consider how rude and hurtful their comments may come across as. I've had the same happen to me before, even when the person has otherwise been of high intelligence. I have an intense dislike for people who don't think before opening their mouths. Even if genuinely feeling concern or curiosity regarding someone's face, I've always thought that surely it can't be that difficult to rea
  3. No I wouldn't. Christ, I'd love clear skin but I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I'd deliberately inflicted my problem onto someone else just so that I could have an easier life. It's not because that's the 'right' thing to say, but rather because I genuinely would be racked with guilt if I said yes. However, I do sometimes wish that people could live a day or two in my skin. Just so that they could get a better understanding of how it affects me.
  4. Bear in mind that 'real' scars don't fade, red marks fade. Red marks aren't scars. As for the question, I don't know. Wrinkles are much more commonplace than acne scars and I think that by the time I'm at an age when wrinkles start to become a reality, appearance will matter to me less anyway. I won't like seeing them appear of course, but I consider it pretty normal to get them (unless you're exceptionally lucky or a botox fan). Acne scars on the other hand, are not something that are easy f
  5. Right now I feel 10 out of 10 for repulsiveness. Trying to be objective: Acne - 3/10 Scars, skin tone, red marks, texture - 9/10
  6. I can relate to so many of these posts. Although, in a sense I feel I should be grateful because I don't have to contend with the whole dating scenario (I have a boyfriend), it's still a struggle. I can't seem to believe that he could not be repulsed by the state of my skin and even now, months on, I find myself thinking that he can't have seen me properly if he still wants to be with me. It tears me apart because I know that even if my scars themselves don't cause him disgust, then my insecuri
  7. Bad internet connection? Acne isn't a factor in whether I like someone or not at all. Someone with even the most severe acne will still be attractive, in my eyes, if they have a nice personality. I also think that if someone has nice facial features, acne really can't detract from that. You have to bear in mind with any responses that you get in this thread that because this is after all an acne site, most people are likely to be a little biased in their attitudes towards other acne sufferer
  8. Yes, all the time. The lengths I'll go to just to secure a seat or a space standing in less severe lighting is absurd. Ever since I first started breaking out my mind has more or less been preoccupied constantly wherever I am with the type of lighting I'm in - it's not a conscious thing I try to think about, but something that just evolved out of self-consciousness and becoming more and more aware of how drastically good/bad lighting can affect how you look. I really wish the trend of switching
  9. I have this problem, badly. I no longer pick at my face (well, once in a blue moon perhaps) but I find I'm squeezing every single pore I can find on my shoulders, arms, legs and chest more and more frequently. What's frustrating is that I know my skin in these areas would be for the most part fine if I didn't do this, yet I'm giving myself new red marks and scars all the time because of my shifting picking habits. I'm glad that I've at least managed to transfer the problem away from my face and
  10. Too long ago to remember, probably when I was around 10 years old... so, 9 years ago now. I came close to being very clear at the end of my accutane course and for a while afterwards but ever since I first started breaking out I've never been completely acne free.
  11. I remember the first time I stayed over at my boyfriend's house, I didn't have any makeup, face wash, toothbrush etc. as I hadn't expected to be staying for the night (it got so late that I missed the last bus home and had no choice but to stay until the next day). When I realised it was too late to go home and that I'd be waking up in the morning without having even had the chance to wash off my makeup I really did feel sick to my stomach, as dramatic as it may sound. But you know, if someone t
  12. I feel your pain regarding acne scarring, I myself have struggled with confidence problems because of it. In my opinion, even severe scarring cannot detract from nice facial features and/or a good personality. In fact, I find it adds character and makes me even more attracted to someone if I already like them. But of course, having them myself I am obviously in a biased position in that respect. Funny also, that a lot of us with skin problems say we don't care about them on other people but yet
  13. It's probably because gallery comments take a while to be approved by a moderator, so they're 'there' but you're unable to see them just yet. Check back a little later on and you'll most likely be able to view them.
  14. I agree that if you're constantly thinking about cheating then perhaps it's time to consider breaking things off with your girlfriend. You'd be prepared to sacrifice an "amazing" person just for the sake of some physical action with a stranger? If so, maybe a long-term, committed relationship just isn't the right place for you to be right now. I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with people in relationships finding other people attractive, it's not that easy to just switch off attractio
  15. I have blonde hair (which used to be white when I was a kid, but has now faded to more of a dirty blonde), extremely pale skin - or, what would be pale if it weren't for all the marks and blotchiness, and eyes that no one's ever been able to determine the colour of . They're a wishy-washy mix of blue, green and grey.
  16. Yes, I think you're probably right and actually I do agree with what you're saying. However, if the OP still very much likes this girl then I think that maybe for a more solid sense of closure, perhaps (as non-pressuringly as possible) casually asking her whether she still sees him as a friend wouldn't necessarily be a terrible idea. Perhaps he would be happy to simply maintain a friendship with her and nothing more, but she's still under the impression that he wants something more serious and s
  17. Well, let us know what happens if you do decide to pursue a case. Good luck with your dermatologist appointment, I hope they're able to help. I'm sure the redness will calm down fairly quickly... things will look a lot better when your skin is back to a more normal pigment, I'm sure. I'm sorry this happened to you, by the way. I have very little confidence in OTC products these days because of all the bad experiences and lack of sucess I've had with them in the past. I know there are many oth
  18. I'm going through something eerily similar right now. I recently met a lovely guy who, much to my suprise, appears to be interested in me. But yet I still can't quite get my head around how he can even bear to look at me (I have extensive scarring, and generally just horrific skin). Sometimes it doesn't look too bad if the light is flattering, however, under bright overhead lighting - or indeed most types of lighting; bright daylight, sunshine etc., my skin looks hideous. Nevertheless, within
  19. Uh huh, I think we've all experienced that before. There are so many products out there that claim to give you perfect looking skin in 'just 3 days!' or some such like that it's quite sickening. The sad fact is that there is a huge market for acne products. Naturally, people are desperate and so keen to believe that if they buy 'x' or 'x' then their skin really will clear up virtually straight away. The truth is that we're easy prey for these big companies out to rake in the cash from people's i
  20. In response to the "It's not you, it's me" question, yes, it can definately be the truth. I've had ocassions in the past where I've totally mucked things up and it really was because I was in a bad place emotionally, and had nothing at all to do with the other person. However, some people do use that line insincerely because it provides them with a sort of 'easy way out' and makes them feel less guilty about breaking things off, because they don't have to be honest about why they no longer wan
  21. You might be able to get them to refund you the cost of purchasing their products, but any more than that I very much doubt. Even if you plowed as many resources and as much money as you could conjure up into your case, to be honest I don't think it would get very far. I understand why you'd be so angry at these kinds of companies though, who fail to deliver what they promise and even more still, when they actually wind up making things worse. But, what can you do? These are big, powerful comp
  22. Sorry to bump this up, but I'm finding it extremely hard to fish out much information in regards to fraxel re:pair here in the UK. Are there really just two doctors currently over this side of the pond who perform this procedure? (according to the 'locate a doctor' section on the fraxel website, these are Dr. Lowe at the Rejuvenation Clinic and Dr. Russo at the Cranley Clinic, both in London). From initial impressions, I'm not too keen on going to either of these two doctors, partly so becau
  23. They do suck. Impossible to really cover up with makeup due to the awkward location and they always tend to be noticeable. I also hate it when you're eating and can feel them throbbing away.
  24. I used to hate it, especially seeing as on my bus you're usually packed in like sardines every morning. Being pressed up against other people in rush hour traffic - not my idea of fun! If you don't make use of one already, I suggest getting yourself an mp3 player and a good set of earphones. I find that listening to music whilst I'm walking down the road and on the bus to and from college every day helps me considerably with my anxiety. I feel more like I'm in my own little bubble and separated
  25. (Warning: epically long post) There will always be shallow people out there who would reject us because of our skin, but we mustn't believe that all people feel the same way. The truth is that if you're confident in yourself and you are able to accept that someone could like you, skin problems and all, then there are people out there who can accept you too. There are many, many girls who really don't care about what your skin looks like. I know some may pooh pooh this very idea, but it's true.