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Status Updates posted by sixfeetunder

  1. get back on here, you wanker

  2. ha, no idea! finest is a little out of my league anyway... tesco value line is where it's at ;)

  3. a creme egg? is that all i am to you 'taters? it just won't do, won't do at all i'm afraid... i expected more from you quite frankly. most disappointing. i want tesco finest or else

  4. hello *wave* how you doing? x

  5. you know...

    there was a time that the pieces fit, but i watched them fall away..

  6. hey thanks for dropping by :) im not too bad thanks, hope you're all good?

    ..it is indeed our 6th month org anniversary! how fast did that go.. blooming heck. well, we'll all be expecting you to make it up to 10,000 posts by the 10month mark haha x

  7. soaring high above the little ones

  8. first comment. i win

  9. Hu hu huh ha hahh.. happy birthday :)

  10. not too bad thanks, i've not seen you for a while either actually... where'd you get to? hope you're all good :)

  11. when strange things happen, are you going round the twist

  12. you filthy post whore

  13. this further confirms the sad fact that i have no life whatsoever

    today is a sad day.

    speaking of org junkies though.. 540 posts in 2 months? oh dear.

  14. hey :]

    mega bored, so i thought i'd come say hewo. hope 2007 is treating you well so far! and have a wonderful time in NY. Lucky cow. :) x

  15. happy new year, delicious

  16. beat the devil out of that brush and paint some pretty little mountains.

    lucy, don't listen to him..he'll deny it but he told me that secretly he enjoys kicking hedgehogs D':

  17. Hi my name is Ismet, I like to dance! and new friends make! Are you ready to party?