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  1. I've decided to jump on board this derminator train and ordered mine today. I must have had about 6 or 7 dermarolling/dermapen plus TCA cross sessions with Dr. Chu at Hammersmith over the years, but it's very hard for me to gauge what, if any, results I've achieved. The TCA cross I'm sure has made certain scars shallower, yet overall I'm not sure how effective the dermapen has actually been. Dr. Chu performed subcision on me once for some of the deeper scars, which I think helped somewhat. But i
  2. I had a long relationship (6 years) with someone who didn't seem to mind that my face is scarred up all over as a result of acne (I was still breaking out throughout the relationship too, but not as badly as before I took accutane). What did seem to bother him was how affected I was by it. A big contributor towards the break up, I think, was that he felt like he couldn't make me happy because I always seemed so miserable with myself (low confidence in how I look resulted in me becoming an extrem
  3. I had the same 3 procedures done by the same doctor last week (dermapen, TCA cross and subcision - I've undergone the first two before, but not the subcision). I'd say that after 3 days the swelling from subcision had gone down (I'm glad I'm not the only one a little freaked out by the chipmunk appearance it gave me! I also had the nurse push down on the swelling immediately afterwards so hard that I thought my teeth were probably going to break out of my face... I hadn't really expected it to b
  4. Very fed up. My face is just one big mass of acne, scars, marks and enlarged pores. Make-up really just makes it look worse, so I'm a bit lost as to what to do really. I'm undergoing what scar treatments I've been recommended (TCA cross and dermapen), but if they're making any difference it's only minor. My skin tone and texture, in general and all over, is still terrible. Continuing on with this seemingly endless battle is getting very disheartening. At 26 I assumed the acne stage of things mig
  5. Feeling pretty bad. I had TCA cross and dermapen performed two weeks ago for my scarring, and as per usual, a week later (aside from the residual scabbing from the TCA) my skin in general was looking quite promising and clear (still scarring pretty much everywhere, but seemingly slightly shallower in depth) - from micro-swelling, I imagine. A couple of days after that and things have changed dramatically. I'm now suffering from deep breakouts on both cheeks/neck area. I'd like to think it's ju
  6. Terrible. Both sides of my face and chin broke out significantly around a month ago, leaving huge scabs and cysts covering my skin. It's so humiliating having to go out like this. I just want to hide out at home until my skin has healed up a bit, but work forces me to venture out (and to deal with customers at that... just what I need). I was supposed to be going out after work socialising on Thursday, as well, but I don't think I can face it looking like this, especially when the lighting in th
  7. I'm not naive enough to think that I'd immediately fall into a life full of confidence - I've been suffering from rock-bottom self-esteem far too long for that to happen, but just being 'free' of feeling so restricted because of my skin would be enough to set me on the road to living a life of much higher quality and greater happiness. The psychological scars would of course remain, but over time I think they'd slowly dissipate and I'd manage to build up in myself a healthy self-image. I also th
  8. I understand you believe you have a problem, but you really have great skin. I would be very, very cautious about trying to fix what's bothering you because there's a real chance it may make things worse. And when your skin looks as brilliant as it does, that would be a real shame. If you must do something, I would definately suggest nothing too harsh.
  9. Click on 'My Menu' in the top left of your page, then 'My Controls' and under 'Options' you'll find 'Manage Ignored Users'.
  10. I really to struggle to say how severe my scarring is, to be perfectly honest. At a guess, I would say it's moderate... but then that's mostly because although many of my scars aren't necessarily particularly deep, they're very widespread. Dr Chu seemed to think I have a mixture of boxcar and rolling scars, and then I have some deeper icepicks on my cheeks, and an overall 'orange peel' type texture due to enlarged pores. I also have some raised scarring on the sides of my chin. He performs the
  11. Brokeninside, I'm sorry to hear you've not seen much improvement as of yet. I'm also going to Dr Chu in Hammersmith for my dermarolling, and so far during each of my two sessions I've had TCA cross performed on about 10 or so scars on each cheek immediately after having my dermarolling done. Perhaps you could ask Dr Chu at your next appointment if that would be an option for you? I have my next dermarolling session scheduled for March as well, (it'll be my 3rd) and so far I've seen a small imp
  12. Well, I've only had them for just under a week now and had my second dermarolling session yesterday, so I'm not sure what to expect yet (if anything). One thing I have noticed though, is that I seem to be slightly less red than the first time I was rolled, the time I didn't have my vitamin creams and LEDs. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence, perhaps because it was done slightly less aggressively (?) this time around, or whether it's because I used the lights and applied my topicals each
  13. Sometimes I feel uneasy around little kids, because of their unpredictability... you never know quite what they might come out with because they haven't yet learned what's ok and what's not ok to say, and why things like acne affect some of us. How old are your girlfriend's siblings? I think obviously it's to be expected that little kids might sometimes say/do things without realising the impact of what they're saying, but I think after a certain age people really should know better. Unfortunat
  14. The thought did cross my mind, and I suppose I can never know for sure. However, I did check out the seller's feedback and they're at 100% with a number of repeat customers it seems. So I get the feeling it's legit, although of course there's a chance I may be wrong. I am sceptical about buying from ebay, so for that reason I still would like to try other serums to see how they compare, but for the most part I don't think this is a knock off. I'm actually quite suspicious that a lot of the comp
  15. No worries. And I'm from Kent. And sorry, my post probably wasn't very clear, but I meant to say that I think the customs charge avoidance was due to a kind 'mistake' on the sender's part when filling out the customs declaration form. Obviously that's not to guarantee that the same would happen for you, but he seems to be clued up on the excessive customs charges that we're subjected to for anything over £18 in value from overseas.
  16. Hi goodlife, I live in the UK and recently purchased some LEDs from the LED man (theledman.com), which is where most people from here seem to have gotten theirs. Postage only actually cost me about £9 (I purchased the dual 660/880 array plus the 120 LED yellow package). I was worried about how much the customs charges might have amounted to, especially considering I paid quite a hefty amount for the LEDs themselves, but luckily that wasn't a problem seeing as the value of the package was only w
  17. Just an update to say that I received this serum last week and so far, it seems perfectly fine. It's quite a watery consistency but that makes it easier to rub in I think. I think I'll be trying some more vitamin C serums from elsewhere in the future, just for comparative purposes, but I see no reason why I won't stick with this particular serum in the meantime. It's fairly inexpensive, hasn't broken me out, and my skin has been softer lately, although I have been using it in conjunction with vi
  18. I've actually gotten the impression that the people who roll themselves have tended to have a shorter downtime than those getting it done professionally, on the whole. I could be wrong though. In my case, I would estimate that the redness was gone by 4/5 days, or at least it was after that length of time that I felt able to go out without attracting stares from the colour of my face. But I was rolled by Dr Chu, and he does do it quite aggressively, far more aggressively than I ever would have
  19. I too am interested to see whether there are any vitamin C products that people would recommend. I recently bought some vitamin C serum (20%) from this seller on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT but haven't received it yet, so can't comment on its effectiveness. I'll let you know what I think once it's here though, if you like. But I'll be using it in conjunction with dermarolling and vitamin A topicals, along with taking various supplements. Sorry to butt into
  20. Because it's a fairly well known treatment for acne scarring? I've actually undergone this myself, and it was fairly painful even after having numbing cream applied for an hour, but hey, as said above, if it results in some improvement then in my eyes it's worth trying.
  21. Best of luck to you, ernestoria. It's also really great of you to provide pictures as I'm sure many of us will be interested in following your journey. Good luck!
  22. Yep, it's possible to dermaroll on your cheeks. As for dermarolling while you still have acne... well, obviously it would be better to get that under control first, but I had a session of dermarolling with Dr. Chu about 5 months ago (who is a pretty respected dermatologist here on the boards, especially with dermarolling) and he seemed happy to roll even though I had some mild acne here and there. Provided they aren't deep, large spots, I don't think it's too much to worry about. If they're anyt
  23. Does anyone know where I can purchase some decent, relatively inexpensive vitamin C serum from? (Apologies if any has already been recommended earlier on in the thread. I've read the whole thing through, but it's been a while) I would prefer to purchase from somewhere in the UK, but provided shipping isn't too expensive I could also order from overseas if need be. I've just ordered some LED lights which hopefully will arrive in time for my second scheduled dermarolling appointment (in early Jan
  24. I'm a girl with (bad) acne scars. It's tough. I'm currently having to share a tiny flat with two other girls who have the best skin I've ever seen (one quite literally has not a visible pore on her face), and it's upsetting being around people who clearly don't give a second thought to their skin when getting ready to go out socialising or when leaving their rooms in the morning. People close to me have told me endless amounts of times that I'm more than my skin and that it's not as bad as I f
  25. No, you're certainly not the only one. My main problem these days is scarring left over from severe acne but almost all the skin on my face is also covered in enlarged/scarred pores, marks, blackheads and just generally looks horrible. It's great isn't it? Don't get me wrong, I'm more grateful than words can describe to have finally gotten rid of the acne but at least back then I thought I didn't have a permanent problem (though granted, after suffering for 10 years at times it felt pretty perma