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  1. Seems like you have been eating gum ever since school started up again obviously :-k ... Are you having them b/c of your breath, just to chew something during the day, stress... why? If it is the breath you could try those new stripes but u probably already thought of that if that was the problem ](*,) . Good Luck!
  2. If you are washing the Aloe Vera off b4 BP i MIGHT be alright but that doesn't sound like what you are doing. From what most people have said on this board I think you should apply it after the BP has set in for about 10 minutes becuase it acts almost as a moisturizer.
  3. I'm trying to figure out how to prevent them period. I mean the Retin-A and Duac isn't doing to great of a job b/c that is all I have! :-s .. Damn whiteheads..
  4. Circle, I am on a combination of prescriptions products and stuff reccommended by my derm like Retin A, Minocycline, Duac, and Cetaphil.
  5. I think he means something with no meds like BP or SA so Dove or Cetaphil... something like that I guess.
  6. I think the BP and the scrub are both beneficial as long as you don't rub to hard with the scrub but BP should definately not be on the "BAD" list #-o
  7. B, leave the BP on then moisturize.
  8. I think any fruits or vegetables are good for you and your skin... with the exception of olives for me :-k
  9. 1. Well, I guess not moistuizing on your forehead could indirectly affect how much acne you get there... I mean not moisturizing could make your skin drier there causing more oil production leading to more acne. :-k 2. A BIG factor in that would be what you are using. If you are just gonna put some cream or gel on your forehead along with Dan's Regimen I don't think that would be a good idea at all. On the other hand.. If you were doing something like Botchla's Regimen only on your forehead
  10. I guess that would prove fiarly effective considering that some1 a while back kept a log of how he used just a steaming, boiling hot wash cloth to wash his face. Since you have pretty much the same concept with your steamer it should be just as effective with great results b/c that is what he got with his wash cloth method. :-k
  11. uhhh.... no I don't think REtin-A causes scars at all.... 8-[
  12. You can buy the pieces seperately. / Anyway make sure you use alot of the Proactiv b/c that is the main idea behind Dan's regimen. Good Luck w/ it!
  13. Ummm... not exactly sure but missing two applications should be fine. I'm guessing that your skin looks worse after you wash it right? B/c the makeup comes off? If that is the case then I would say you still need to wash your face and maybe you could try and do it when almost everyone is asleep. If this is not your problem and it is soley the Differin that is making your skin look bad then I would say it is fine to skip 2 applications and just wash your face. Good Luck!
  14. No, I think it's another brand completely b/c I have heard about it b4 and it always comes with good results.
  15. Damnit! There are so many forms of this minocyclin, minocin, minomycin. Jeez! Uhhh... all I can tell you is that my bottle says minocyline and 1 hour b4 and after the pill is taken= NO FOOD/DRINK (other than 8 oz. of water) ](*,)
  16. I haven't tried the C&C but i'm 99.9999.....you get the point, sure that all of the votes are gonna go for the C&C. #-o
  17. Just tried this in the morning. It burned quite a bit b/c I left it on for about a minute then scrubbed a little then washed it off. I did use the Cetaphil w/ it too though. I think it made my skin very smooth but as far as helping my acne I couldn't really tell. I think I am going to do this every 2-3 days at night b/c it kind of made my face red. :-k Also, about how many times do you have to do this b4 you start to see results?
  18. I dunno what to use to speed up the healing unless you want a quick fix that could come back b/c then you could just put huge blobs of 1% hydrocortizone every 2 hours (Thanks Julian! =D> ) and wipe it off after the 2 hours then reapply. About the time it takes, considering nothing even came out when you popped it I'm guessing a long time b/c it is probably deep in the pore now. ](*,) Also, I have noticed that when I pop a pimple and all the junk is out that if the clear fluid comes out the
  19. Maybe he has doxycycline which is supposed to be taken w/ food but my prescription also says no food 1 hour b4 and after you take it w/ 8 oz. of water. :-k
  20. I agree w/ Wendy, definately not a bad price if the stuff really works now is it? :-k
  21. Good, some1 is finally keeping a log of this "AWESOME" regimen. =D> Hopefully it will work as good for you as it has for everyone else that has tried it b/c I have only heard good things coming from this regimen. Depending on how it goes for you I might consider switching off my prescriptions and trying it! Good luck!
  22. Hmm... Don't think jerry is a moron and I'm not exactly sure your idea would turn out w/ great results... :-k
  23. The Neutrogena worked great for me when I was on Proactiv which is alot less milder then my current regimen. When I started the Duac Gel and Retin-A I needed a better moisturizer b/c the Neutrogena left patches of skin dry and some too oily. What I found that works great is Olay Complete, Fragrance Free, Oil Free, Sensitive Skin, and UVA/B Protection. This works AWESOME. Not greasy at all, absorbs quickly and moisturizes great. Give it a try! /