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  1. i know u cant get this comment for like another 50 days, but i hope that u come back to the org soon!

    1. oohh....i quite like russel crowe! I think its his accent that does it for me (and when he's in gladiator)
    2. o wow...many congrats!! Bet you're a happy girl right now!
    3. alritey...i'll see if u can come along (all depends on ze college lol). omg, another concert. u lucky lucky thing!!! u got lots to look forward to!!! i'll send u pm later this week or somethin (so u can look 4wrd to one of my random crappy pms)haha!! laterz xxx

      1. hey!!! i absolutely love body shop makeup!! i've used a fair few of their foundations (both liquid and powders) and they are amazing. I love the powders because they are so light, and don't make your skin feel clogged up, and there's foundations that will match any skin tone. When i used their powders, i used a tea tree concealer stick from the body shop, and it worked wonders!!! so yea, i recomment body shop makeup!
      2. hey stevie!!! 1) aloe vera.....absolutely LOVE this stuff!! it's pretty much a miracle product!! can ve used for nearly anything for your skin (dry skin, red marks, soothing inflammation etc) I've used this every night for about 5 months, and my red marks have faded nicely!! its great stuff! Its good to put on new spots, so they heal quicker!! 2) clinique makeup!...I;ve used it in the past but i wuld never use it again! I've used several of their liquid foundations and powders, but it caused
      3. oohh...another londoner!!! thought i might as well say hi! :-)

        1. o i know what u mean!!! I get seriously depressed when i try stuff on in the dressing rooms (might explain why i hate shopping these days)!! Whenever i go into a changing cubicle, i have to avoid looking at my face coz i know i'll be sad for the rest of the day! At the weekend, i was trying some clothes on, and i caught a glimpse of my face and i almost passed out (no joke). Every single spot/red mark/scar looked a million times more visible. It really put a downer on my day because i was havin
        2. hellloooo! o cool.....sounds fun! av a gd time on tuesday!! on the subject of mutya, i'm loving her new songie! (probs because its got the lenny kravitz it aint over til its over tune lol)!! where bouts is finsbury park btw, ive heard of it, but cant place it lol!?! on side note, hows your week goin so far?? x

          1. hey kitten! *waves*...i'm fine thankyou....just been really busy lately with all my college work!! what about you?..hope you're doing ok! :-)

            1. hey! Just saw your post, so i thought i'd come leave a comment to say happy belated 21st birthday!! Hope u had a great day!! xxx

              1. at the moment, i'm not too happy with my face!! its probably a 2 or 3!! damn red marks!
              2. i HATE my hair!!! *i have to wash it everyday *i wish i had naturally loose curly hair *i hate straightening my hair coz i hate the damage it causes *and my hair takes soo long to grow. i get soo impatient when i try growing it out the only thing i like about it is the colour. A lot of people tell me i have the perfect brown hair colour. and i get natural highlights in the summer which is prety cool!
              3. o cool...i just noticed the blog tab too. i can't wait to use it...sounds pretty cool!
              4. hello love!:-) hows youuuu?? dont worry about the pm....i'll send u one in a mo. i think i got a bit of goss to share!! haha! so....a pm is on the way xxx

                1. cool! Glad to hear u had a good time! Sounds like it was well worth the money!!! I'd love to see them in concert (whenever they come to london, i'll havta get tickets) lol! =)

                  1. how was the fray concert?

                    1. hello again (just replying to ur comment). well, i had an interview for Mr Shoes (lol) and it went really well. Just gota wait a week til i find out if i got the job or not. what u up2 this wknd?..anything much? i've had the most unproductive day today, but i'm going out for a meal in a while so that should be cool! ttyl xxx

                      1. laura lou

                        Eh..... Eh.... :X

                        wowzers U look exacty like someone i know!