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  1. Heidi and seal seem to be happy..and thats the most important thing. I think seal is a really decent guy....and i love his music....esp kiss from a rose <3
  2. hmm....well its just 7pm here, but i plan on finishing some coursework and watching john tucker must die (thats a film which is guaranteed to make me laugh)!! Then i'm off for an early night coz i have a busy day tomorrow.
  3. ooh...i know how u feel. That happens to me a lot. All the mirrors in my house show my skin differently. The mirror in my room makes my skin looks pretty damn good, but when i look in another mirror in bright daylight, my skin lokos like complete and utter crap! Its pretty disheartening really.
  4. I have the exact same t-shirt...its awesome
  5. aw...hunni. I'm really sorry to hear that things aren't going really great for u at the moment. I hope your mum is ok and i hope that she makes a speedy recovery!! I feel your pain on the whole crazy skin...my skin has been all over the place the last couple of weeks. I have good days and bad days. But u gotta keep reminding yourself, that things can only get better. and dont worry, everyone needs a rant at some point, and this is definately the best place to come to get stuff off your chest.
  6. i just need a little moan! The last couple of weeks have been pretty horrible for me. My skin is great one miute then absolutely horrible the next. I'm getting to the point where i don't know why i even bother with my skin!! My self esteem and confidence is at an all time low and i feel like i need a good cry!! rant over /
  7. hey!!! thought i'd leave a lil comment to say hi! aint seen u around the org in ages. how u been? hows life? xxx

    1. hey mandy!! I just wanted to say that you are really inspirational and i admire you for staying strong through this!!! You're coping with this a lot better than i ever would! I hope accutane works wonders for you, and gives you clear skin in no time!!! BTW....you are really good with applying makeup...skin looks great in the makeup pic Stay strong and good luck with the accutane!
    2. tenshiiiii!!! thanks for the lil comment on my profile. how have u been?? i miss u on here....the org just isn't the same. well, i hope your doing well! xx

      1. laura lou

        staff party

        yes...as everyone elsse has said...you a beautiful liv!
      2. laura lou

        my bf

        very nice!
      3. laura lou

        My Motorcycle

        thats one hell of a cool picture
      4. hey!! sorry my comment is a little late... i've some to return the "hello" :-) how've u been lately?x

        1. i'd go out with a guy with acne scars, no problem!! It doesn't bother me in the slightest! Scars don't make someone unattractive!!
        2. When i wake up in the morning, my skin looks pretty good. my red marks seem very light! During the day is when my skin looks horrible in the evening, wen its darker, my skin tends to look alrite
        3. I listen to most stuff really, except trash lol! Right this minute...i'm listening to Iris - Goo Goo Dolls!
        4. hey! jus got ur lil comment! LOL!....well the person u served at work must've been my lookalike!!! bet u would have got a funny look if u said "laura!"lol!!! ttyl xxxx

          1. omg hi!! i think i came across your profile today...and realised u changed your name lol! how the hell are you? anything new going on in your life. I'm alrite thanks...same old same old! College has been brill. I'm on half term right now so thats cool!!! xxx

            1. hey!! thats alrite..no probs! ok cool look 4wrd to pm lol!! xxx

              1. hey lily! I haven't left u a comment in ages! So i thought i'd come say hi! :-) How have u been lately? Enjoying the weekend? Hope your all good xx