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  1. hey! Of lately, i have been mainly dealing with my red marks. I've been using vitamin e oil for the last few months, but i think its time for me to find something different for my red marks I've heard that jojoba oil is really good. So, i was just wondering who has used it, how well did it work, and how long does it take before you see results. Any replies would be greatly appreciated! thank you
  2. hey!! you're back! I wondered where you got to! lol! :-)

    1. hey lily! Just a little msg to say HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an amazing day x

      1. I feel your pain, i really do! I really can't look in a mirror without wanting to cry. When i see myself in the mirror, all i focus on is how bad my skin looks! And i wonder why i have no seld esteem or confidence But just remember, other people see us differently to how we see ourselves in the mirrors. What may seem like a huge deal to us, other people probably won;t even notice Hope you feel better soon *hugs* x
      2. omfg...you're right, i am very jealous!! your so lucky! i love lifehoue and goo goo dolls. have fun and take lots of pics of jason wade haha

        1. oohh...tell me what ur news is? u going to see the fray again!?

          1. Hello Mandy!! *waves* i'm fine thankyouuu!! Just finished college for the summer...8 weeks off, so i'm happy lol! Hows everything going with you? Accutane going ok? Hope everything is going good for you :-)

            1. When i go to bed, i have to have the covers over half of my face. I do it without realising. One of my habits i can't sit in the seat behind the driver in the car because i am so paranoid about catching the slightest glimpse of my face in the mirror I can't stay in a shop for more than 5 minutes because i am so worried about how my skin looks under the light I hate having my photo taken I am terrible with eye contact I always wonder what people think of me when they see me When i exercise
            2. sorry thats happened to you molly All i can suggest is aloe vera gel to soothe the redness...that stuff works wonders! Give it a try! x
            3. God...it makes me feel sick to think how much money my parents have spent on skin products for me over the past couple of years I'd say that i've spent a good £200 on useless products!
            4. oohh...good luck with helping your friend movie house. i bet thats gonna be a tad stressful!!! i am sooooooooo unbelievably tired right now. been having extremely early mornings....5am wake up! I need a lay in! haha! and yes....i can speak italian. Its a great language. i think i'm gona go to an itlaian night class soon so i can become 100% fluent! have a nice day x

              1. hello there Brad!!! how the devil are youu?? Everything's cool with me thanks! I've been working lately and i'm absolutely knackered!! and i think i'm getting a cold!! *sniff sniff* lol! hmm...my skin isn't too good at the moment. i'm a bit broken out and yucky, but hopefully it'll clear up! Anyhow..enough about me, whats new with

                1. oohh....fish oil capsules? i take those!! i'm pretty good thank you. I'm watching the priness diana concert at the moment!!

                  1. Hi molly!! How are you today? x

                    1. ...necromancer is coming to europe!! :D i'm about 2 hours from paris (one of my favourite cities). Its great!

                      1. haha...i was going to say "necromancer" out loud to see if that guy looked. He was wearing sunglasses just like yours too!! He must have thought i was a freak coz i was sitting on the train staring at him! :D

                        1. hey!! this is a bit of a random comment...but i had to say...when i was on the train this morning going to work, i saw your double sitting next to me. I actually thought it was you on the train coz this guy looked so much like you! crazy stuff!! so yeah...thats all i had to say! Hope you're all good! :-)

                          1. hey!! Happy 18th Birthday! Have an awesome day!

                            1. hey molly! how you been lately? i like your new avatar...its cute :-)

                              1. hey *waves*..how u been?x

                                1. hey!!! remember me? lol

                                  1. Thanks for all the replies guys ...much appreciated! Still been on a bit of a downer about my skin today..but i'm determined to stay positive!