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  1. This time last year, i would have never imagined letting anyone see me without makeup because i hated the thought of people being able to see my bare skin! Although i still wear foundation every day, i am able to let people see me without my skin covered in foundation. My family know what my skin looks like, and i've even let a few of my friends see my skin! Everyone tells me that i see my skin a lot worse than anyone else does...and you know what? I think its true afterall
  2. hey!!! thanks for the friend add :-)

    1. hey thanks for the picture comment You're skin looks absolutely awesome....very clear. Keep it up!!
    2. You look really pretty!! Good luck if you get on accutane!! All the best!
    3. laura lou

      my skin

      just so u guys can see how my skin is
    4. thanks for the bday comment les mis!

      1. thanks for the bday wishes comment answerme! x

        1. hey glenn. thanks for the bday comment on my profile :-) I've been without the internet for days, so i've only just got the comment lol! P.S-i didnt get too drunk! :D Hope your alrite x

          1. I believe in ghosts for sure!!! That video freaked me out a little bit....and i never get scared about stuff like that!!
          2. Just a little comment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you have a great day! I never realised your bday is like 4 days before mine lol! x

            1. I believe that we all see our acne worse than anyone else does. Since many of us obsessively look in the mirror and pick out our flaws, of course we are going to see our skin worse than anyone else does, therefore making it a bigger issue than it really is! Obviously some people will notice that our skin is less than perfect, but most people won't even be phased by it!1 Over the years, i've always moaned about my skin to family and friends, and they've always told me that it's not half as bad a
            2. sorry to hear about that molly! I know this is a lot easier said than done, but try to stay optimistic and see the better side of life! Things will always get better. I feel your pain on the whole skin thing. My skin looks awful right now and i've been pretty upset about it all the last couple of days!! Hang in there! If you want to cry....CRY! A good cry always makes me feel better Hope your in better spirits today!
            3. I really can't stand Perez Hilton. He's a disgrace! I just don't understand what he has to gain from critisizing other people!! He's no picnic himself! I don't give a damn if jesse mccartney has acne....he's still good looking!
            4. Does anyone else here get really painful spots under the skin that don't come to the surface of the skin? I've been getting quite a few of these lately and they're quite painful! I have this horrible one on my right cheek that looks like a bloody volanco, and its been there for like a month! So my question is.....is there anything i can do to help get rid of under the skin pimples? Any tips would be appreciated!
            5. hey!!! hows you?? Happy birthday for the other day! hope u had a good one! omg can u believe that we've been on the org for almost a year! thats gone so quick! lol x

              1. I actually thought the same thing too when i was using aloe vera a few months back! I think i used it for about 2 months, and it didnt really do much for me in terms of fading my red marks. It improved my overall skin tone...but not much with my red marks!! So i definately agree with you
              2. I actually haven't!! Do they help with red marks?
              3. I know exactly what you means! I hardly ever see anyone with acne. None of my old school mates have it, none of my college mates have it, none of my work mates have it, no-one in my family has it. I feel like such the odd one out. But i wouldnt wish acne on anyone! But i think the problem is that we are so overly critical about our own acne, that we don't notice it on everyone else!
              4. Songs that i listen to when i feel down include: soar - christina aguilera james morrison - undiscovered you got to be - Des'ree
              5. well, my nan told me that blueberries were good for the skin! So i stupidly crushed a crapload of blueberries and put it all over my face, like a face mask! Turns out i was supposed to eat the berries, not smush them all over my face Suffice to say, i was left with a bit of a blue face for a while
              6. thanks for that link damian!....i'll have a read through it good luck with the bio oil!
              7. preferably i wouldn't have acne at all But if i could move it to elsewhere...i would probably say the top of my thighs!