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  1. hello there!! hows u? i'm ok thanks!!! Yeppers, i've been a busy bee with college and work. I'm knackered thats for sure :-) I get a week off college next week so its all good though! What you been up to lately? Anything exciting? :D x

    1. It's definately ok to cry molly!! I know that when i need to cry, i just let myself cry! I always feel better afterwards! Don't fight those tears!
    2. laura lou


      You are looking great adam!
    3. wow...i am exactly the same! I can only look in certain mirrors in my house. But when i'm out, and i see a mirror somewhere, i will avoid it like the plague! Whenever i use a public toilet, and wash my hands, i have to weirdly hover so i don't catch a glimpse of my face in the stupid mirrors! I hate it!! Most girls can check out their reflection, but i can't because i will literally cry with what i see! Also, when i'm driving, i hate seeing my reflection in any of the mirrors
    4. i'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but nevermind! Just wondering, does anyone else here take evening primrose oil capsules? If so, do you find that they cause you to break out. Over the last couple of years, i have taken a capsule daily. I've started taking them again, but my skin has just broken out really badly, with several big painful spots!! Do you think that there is any correlaion between break outs and taking evening primrose? thanks for any replies!!
    5. i wouldn't go through any surgical procedures, but if i had magic powers, i would like to change: my legs - i'd kill for slimmer and toned legs i'd make my eyes icy blue longer hair better teeth more defined jawbone flawless skin
    6. ^^^ heyyy!! I've been ok thanks...and yourself? that maybelline cool effects pencil sounds very cool btw!
    7. I have dark hair on my arms....but i don't bother shaving my arms. I wouldn't be able to cope with the stubble. I wear long sleeve tops most of the year anyways lol
    8. I'm prone to oily eyelids, so i stay clear from eyeshadow. I can never apply it properly anyway!! I use coloured eyeliners instead!!
    9. definelt the ugly appearance!!! and depression is 2nd place
    10. hey guys I am in desperate need for some new eye makeup tips/ideas coz i'm getting bored with the same old black mascara and occasional eyeliner. So if anyone has any cool eye make up suggestions, please say! I'm pretty open minded when it comes to trying out new products and colours! Heres a pic of my eyes (well...one eye anyway), just so you know what i'm working with here. eyeeee any suggestions appreciated thanksx
    11. my skin is quite pale espcially during the winter months, but i'm not bothered about being pale! My eye colour is a combo of blue green and grey. At the moment my eyes are this colour: my eye and i'm a natural brunette!
    12. I totally forgot a made this thread... thanks for the replies guys, appreciated!! Had a good weekend with my skin and felt fine, but i'm all broken out today and my skin is really sore. But i refuse to get all depressed about it again! *Happy thoughts*
    13. i'm 18...live at home with the parents and sister. I plan on living here for until i'm married!!
    14. I always wonder how my skin looks to other people and pray that people don't see my skin half as bad as i see it. I've had so many people tell me that they never even noticed anything was wrong with my skin until i pointed it out, and i've come to realise that maybe people don't notice our flaws as much as we do. We definately are our own worst critics...a lot of the time we have a distorted perception of our appearance. Even if some people do notice our skin, it doesn't mean that they are bo
    15. I have a really hate HATE relationship with mirrors. My skin can look absolutely fine in one mirror, and absolutely horrendous in another. That's why i avoid looking in mirrors! By far the worst mirrors are the ones in chaning rooms....they highlight every single imperfection imaginable. And i agree with the rear view mirror too. Whenever i catch a glimpse of my face whilst driving, i feel like crying. Its horrible. BUT...i have come to believe that we see our skin a lot worse than anyone else
    16. wahey!!! congrats on the interview. Hope all goes well
    17. ash...this thread made me feel really sad!!! Sorry to hear that your going through all that crap....that really sucks!! Ihaven't really got much good advice, but i really hope things start getting better for you!! Not nice to hear that you're on such a downer! But i definately understand how it feels to be miserable all due to acne n stuff!! Hang in there.... if you need to chat....just pm!!! I'm all ears lol! Go watch serendipity....that'll cheer you up
    18. omg....your from essex?? me too!! lol (sorry that was a random comment...i've only come across 2 other essex ppl before)

      1. oohh....i have too many favourite films!! Here's a few of them: A walk to remember,The Green Mile, Serendipity, Titanic, Swiss Family Robinson, The notebook, How to lose a guy in 10 days, how to lose a guy in 10 days, because i said so, te pursuit of happiness, the sound of music, little women, father of the bride
      2. lol!! hiii!! thanks for the comment...i was definately fast asleep when u left that!...infact i went to bed at like 8 last night (wasn't feeling well at all)!! OMG...serendipity. i lovee that film! Def one of my faves too! i watched that about 20 times last week! I love the snow scene near the end where they meet. I really wanna go to the serendipity 3 c

        1. happy birthday!! have a great day

          1. Happy birthday tday. hope u have a lovely day

            1. Bare with me while i have a moan!! (having one of those days) I am absolutely sick and tired of this crap now!! I've just lost any hope of it ever going away!! When my skin clears up and looks good, it'll turn ugly again and its making me feel really depressed of lately. I'm sick of having no confidence, no self esteem and feeling like the ugliest person on the planet! It really sucks!!!! I wish this would go away so i can get on with my life instead of contantly wondering about how bad my sk