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  1. oh i feel your pain. I used to feel like that when i had my part time job in a clothes shop. I loved being on the tills and serving people, but not so much when my face looked awful. I'm starting a receptionist job in 2 days, so i'm hoping my skin starts looking better, because i'm going to be meeting and greeting a lot of important people!
  2. Hey! Looks like i'm the first visitor to your profile. Just thought i'd say welcome to the org! :D

    1. Here's the deal.... I start my first full time job in 3 days as a receptionist for HSBC. I have to look my very best at all times. Thing is, my skin gets so oily and after like 3 hours of applying makeup, it looks awful and sort of melts. I know a lot of people here deal with oily skin. So can anyone recommend any good moisturisers for oily skin, or a good foundation that helps to keep skin matte. I'm desperate Thanks
    2. Definately. Yes. I would absolutely go out with someone even if they had acne. I have seen so many guys with acne but they are still attractive to me. I look past acne anyway....its personality that matters the most! I just wish i could find someone who would go out with me even though i've got bad skin!!
    3. You are definately not ugly....quite opposite actually! You've got great features.
    4. aw, i'm sorry that happened to you! Some people can be so insensitive and cruel! I've had my share of rude comments about my skin in the past, but i try not to let them get me down too much! Nothing worse than someone talking to you and you can see that they are analysing your skin!!
    5. I see a lot of attractive people with acne, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest! Acne doesn't detract from having great facial structure and features
    6. hmm....i get a lot of compliments about my eyes!! The most recent one being from my great aunt, who said "you have the most beautiful, big blue eyes i've ever seen".
    7. heyy...oh i know right?!! Been a good few months since we spoke lol! I only ever come on here once in a very blue moon now! :D How you been anyhow? I'll pm during the week for a catch up yeah? xx

      1. lol thanks!! I just don't get much time to come on the org anymore...i'm a busy bee!! How have you been? are you allowed back in the lounge?

        1. I have a really bad relationship with mirrors. I avoide them like the plague. Any time i catch a glimpse of my reflection, it depresses me and makes me feel phsically sick! There's nothing worse than looking in a mirror under the ugly flurescent lighting....that makes me feel sad!
        2. hey there!! how the devil are youu?? things are pretty good right now..just enjoying the rest of the christmas hols!! which reminds me....HAPPY NEW YEAR! can u believe its 2008 already? time flies! lol

          1. hey there. sorry for the late comment reply! I'm very well thank you, and yourself?? I can't believe its december already...where the year gone? Are you in the festive spirit yet?? LOL! xx

            1. You are seriosuly soo pretty! I didn've even notice your acne!! Your eyes are very pretty!
            2. i'd be lying if i said i wouldn't like 100 million! BUT.....i choose clear skin any day! money doesn't buy happiness...but clear skin would make me soo happy!
            3. I am!! I really don't want anything for christmas except for clear skin! If i got my wish, i would be over the moon!
            4. Physically sick and absolutely ugly I hate what i see in the mirror....it had made me cry on occasions! (
            5. morning!! omg...working 7 days a week?! You must be knackered! I know i would be. i can't handle the few hours i do at the wknd lol! okie dokie....look 4wrd to pm...gota catch up init! ttyl xxx

              1. hello m'dear!!! I'm very well thanks (apart from a bangin headache that i got right now)!! What about yourself? Hows life trating u?

                1. I'd have to say Manhattan! Its the best place i've ever been!
                2. hehe thanks! i'm doing well thanks!! and yourself?!! I havent spoken to u in agesss. Life treating you well!? lol x

                  1. During the summer holidays this year, i went a week without going out because I was so upset with the state of my skin!! But i tend to feel better when i go out because i forget about my worries
                  2. *I'm good at learning languages, i just pick them up easily! I can speak fluent italian and french, good spanish and bits and pieces of several other languages! *I'm good at scrapbooking haha
                  3. Your skin looks amazing!!! Yay for you! And your eyes are the prettiest colour