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  1. I've basically trained myself to not look in the mirror or it makes me want to cry Only time i look in the mirror is when i do makeup and when i straighten my hair lol! i hate mirrors!
  2. aww HT.....pretty much the same for me! My skin is looking well naff today, got a crap load of red marks and i look horrible! I was soo tempted to not go to college today coz i was depressed about my skin! stay positive....you'll be clear soon! feel better soon x
  3. i got the same problem as well! When i have no active acne, it still looks like im spotty coz i have their weird bumpy red marks on my forehead! Its weird. I've been using aloe vera on my skin for the past month and its helped even my skin out!
  4. my doctor told me the same thing once....because its spreads bacteria quickly! Maybe thats why! i dunno!
  5. i always set myself goals...gives me a sense of direction!
  6. not good is it..bloody hate it!is it too much to ask to have normal skin?
  7. hi! *waves* lol! haha....the giant orange finger! i love it lol!....oohh.........gladiator, i loved that show! was my saturday night entertainment a few yrs back! xxx

    1. I've been obsessing about my appearance since i was about 13. I've hated the way i look for over 4 years! Now, my mind is soo messed up because of it!
    2. ooh...i think people can be ignorant when it comes to acne. They just assume theres something wrong with our diet! I wish more people understood acne!
    3. wow..........i see a great improvement!!!!! keep going... u will have clear skin in no time!
    4. laura lou


      wow is all i have to say!!!!!
    5. yes!!!!!!! same thing happens with me! This time last week, i broke out really bad and i just hated myself and i was feeling well depressed. But this week, my skin has slowly improved *knocks on wood* and i feel a lot better about myself! When my skin is good, i feel all happy and a tad confident!!! But it takes somethin small to trigger of a bad day for me! Gota love the good skin days!
    6. hey!!!!!!! how u been lately? do you know what today is?? It's our half a year anniversary on the org 17th august-17th feb!!!! go us! Just another 6 months till we make the whole year lmao!!!! xx

      1. In the morning i use vitamin E moistusing cream, and in the evening i use aloe vera gel!
      2. hey! i see you're the newest member of the org. so i thought id be first to comment and say hi! lol

        1. I get soo oily its unbelievable. About an hour after i wash my face, i look oily! I've tried every product out there for oily skin but nothing seems to work. I use blotting sheets and they are true liefsavers. Other than that, the only thing i can recommend you is that you maybe try a mud/clay mask! They seem to work really well for me, especially for my oily T-zone!
        2. It makes me really sad when i read posts about people wanting to die! Just goes to show how much acne can impact us! I've had times when i've thought about things like that, but then i remember that there's so much to die in life and i dont want to let acne stand in my way! Even though its hard, try to remaind positive and find something that makes you happy! Hope u feel better soon xx
        3. I was going to get proacive a few months back, but i heard soo many bad stories from it. I have friends who had their skin damaged by it and i must have read 100's of terrible reviews on a website. I was put off!