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  1. I am absolutely terrible with eye contact. Rcently, i've been making an effort to make eye contact with people. But i find it really hard to keep eye contact for more than 5 seconds coz i always feel that people are looking at my skin. I must look so stupid coz my eyes wander around everything and anything!
  2. laura lou

    More present (21y/o)

    wow u have great features!!! skin doesn't look bad at all! )
  3. Glenn!!!!!!!! i only just seen your godbye thread! *cry*....hope i see u around on the org soon! I think i owe u a PM, so at somepoint u shud hear from me lol! hope ur doing ok!

    1. morning (wow, im on the org very early 2day) lol!.....okies, a pm will be on its way to u later today! gota try n think of some goss to give ya! :-) xxx

      1. i'd kill to look like: sophia bush sophia myles
      2. okay, heres some positive things in my life: *I have lots of lovely friends! *i have the best famil y i could possibly ask for *i go to college *i never go without *my health
      3. To tell the truth, i always see past acne on other people. I never notice other people's physical flaws. It just doesnt bother me. So yeah...i think people are still beautiful even if they have acne. I see a lot of people with acne around my college, and these people are good looking to me! Just look at the amount of beautiful people on this site...
      4. I'm sad because: *i really hate the way i look *because acne is starting to take over my life *because im pretty depressed about my skin right now!
      5. aww...u look glowing in this pic!!! pretty! skin looks great too!
      6. hiya!!! how u been lately? hope ur all good!

        1. i feel your pain! I'm having a really shitty week this week.............skin was good earlier part of the week and now its crap...worse than crap, and im so depressed today! My brain is sooo messed up these days! I wish we could all wash the acne away! You'll get there in the end!
        2. I think i'd be the same ol' me personality wise....but i would be a whole lot more confident if it wasnt for my acne!
        3. sudocream is pretty amazing stuff!!! Tkaes the redness out of spots really well! I used it on my skin quite a few months ago, but for some reason i stopped using it! But as of tonight, im gona start using sudocream again.....hopefully it'll clear my skin once and for all!
        4. hey! long time no talk! i'm not too bad thanks! what bout yourself? hows life treating ya? tlk soon

          1. hello helloooooo!! hows u? lol...i'll probs unregister in a week or two, i hardly come on here any more, y'know! been close to PM'ing joel twice this wk haha! hope u is ok!

            1. hiyaz!!!! whasup? oohh...the unregistering bit, yeah...i've come close to unregistering twice this week! duno why, i just fancy unregistering from the org lol! er..yeah life's ok at the mo, always tired, but its alrite! u?? hope ur all good! xx

              1. People can be sooo nasty sometimes! I've had 1 or 2 instances where ive had ignorant strangers comment about my skin! About 5 months ago, i had finished college and was waiting outside the train station minding m own business. And out of nowhere some lad comes up to me and says "sort your fac eout love, get some oxy". I was pretty shocked, but people like that arent worth the time of day!
              2. i wash my face twice a day! After ,y shower in the morning and then before bed!
              3. laura lou


                beautiful stevie! you look really glowing here! )