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  1. I've absolutey had it with acne now! I' more depressed than i've been in my whole life. I feel constantly miserable lately and crying loads! My skin is possibly as the worst its EVER been and i seriously can't take it any more! I don't know what else to do for my skin, and i try to stay positive, but its soo hard! I feel like giving up any hope about getting rid of my acne! Every morning i wake up with the hope that my skin is gonna look better, but it just gets worse! Its so disheartening!! S
  2. I don't pictures are allowed anymore!!! I had the same problem!
  3. i praise you dan!! thanks soo much for this wonderful site
  4. I know! its actually pretty unfair that the people who take care of their skin have got acne, and the ones who don't take care of their skin have the most beautiful skin ever! One of my friends has the clearest, glowy skin i've ever seen in my life, and she smokes like 100 cigarettes a day, drinks nothing but fizzy drinks, never exercises and eats absolute junk! I wish people with good skin appreciated it more!
  5. i know how u feel termy!! Scars are horrible bitches, i have quite a few and i get really depressed when i can't cover them up! Its good that your dad was supportive! Just try to stay positive (even though it can be hard)! Hope your having a better day xxx
  6. I do the lemon and egg white mask a couple times a week! The mask feels soothing on my skin, and makes my skin feel tighter when i wash it off. Hopefully, it'll start to considerably fade my red marks!
  7. I feel at peace when: *i have the house to myself for a few hours *when its nightime and i look at the starry sky *when i'm with people who make me happy
  8. I always dread putting makeup on my skin coz i don't know whether it'll make it worse! Also, this week, i've found that my skin looks even worse when i wear makeup!! sucks big time!
  9. yes!!! these days its seems like no matter how small a spot i get, it always leaves a nasty red mark afterwards. It's so disheartening! I never pick or touch my skin, so i get really frustrated when i get red marks!! But i guess we just got to give our skin time for the red marks to heal!
  10. O god-i hate the bad skin days too! This week, i think i've been a bit stresses, so i've broken out violently! My forehead is just covered with nasty looking bumps! Hopefully i clear up over the weekend!
  11. All i can really recommend is oil blotting papers. They do the trick for me. Whenever i start getting oily, i just get a blotting sheet, and then my skin looks oilyless!
  12. When i get clear, i'm still gonna hate my face! It's so depressing!
  13. yep..i got like 9 months..seems like forever away! lol! hehe...i don't know about the other take that fans, but i'm gona be going mental for sure! :-) well, have a wicked weekend, and i'll bore u with a pm u soon! xxx

    1. wow...i envy youu!!!!! u got some good concerts coming up! I gota wait all the way til december for take that concert haha! xxxx

      1. yeah people change as they go through new paths in their life. Me and my best friend were inseparable last year, but now we go to different colleges, we hardly see eachother. But the couple of times i have seen her, she's completely changed into a totally different person, and i don't like the person she's become. But i guess that's just the way it goes! Hope things work out for you!
      2. lol! thats cool..u got gwen stefani ticks?!! not fair!! when u seeing her?x

        1. I go through stages where i cry loadz, and most of the time i don't know why! I cry about my skin a lot, but i cry for unknown reasons too!
        2. aw good post J.C!!! I agree with you....personality is more important, thats what shines in a person!
        3. awww....i see congrats are in order for becoming the newest mod!!! thats so cool! u deserve it too! :-)

          1. hey! i see you're new to the org, so i thought i'd drop by n say welcome! :-)

            1. hey!! first person to comment lol! anyways, i see you're new to the org, so i thought i'd come n say welcome!

              1. here's things in my makeup bag that i can remember: 2 virgin vie powder foundations jemma kid liquid foundation jemma kid two tone conealer yves st laurent mascara bourjois mascara maxfactor masterpiece mascara dior diorshow mascara clinique eyeliner kohn eyeliner l'oreal blusher cosmo tweezers jemma kid eyelash curlers vaseline avon turquoise eyeliner mac eyeshadow palet thats all i can remember right now
              2. I could do with reading books like those. I'm gonna try to find them on amazon or somethin thanks for posting