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  1. I really don't trust that statistic! In my college of about 4000 people, most of them appear to have clear skin. I'd say there is a maximum of about 200 people who have acne in my college! I feel so odd!
  2. Jaymi, reading this broke my heart I'm sooo sorry that your in this much pain all the time!! I wish i could make it better for you. I doubt that anything i will say is going to help you, but i really hope you feel better really soon. If anyone here deserves to be happy, its you!
  3. HULLO to you too!!!! :-)

    1. hi hi hi!!! hows yourself? omg...i know, the org is like wayyyyyyy bright now, i think i need one of those filter screens now to block out the colour!!! hmm...i'm not up to much really...just got outa bed, didnt go college today coz i think i have an ear infection!!!! :-( lol! any plans for the day?xxx

      1. I hate mirrors too!!! Especially when i see myself in extremely bad lighting!!....makes me wanna throw up
      2. thank you molly!

        1. hmm...some of my past makeup mistakes *cringe* *wearing the completely wrong colour foundation...i used to go out with an orange face and white neck! *not blending foundation in properly *having weird patched on my face...ii'd put foundation on the main parts of my face, put a yucky cooour concealer round my eyes, and then i would have odd white patches *letting my eyeliner smudge so i looked like a panda *pink blusher all over my cheeks instead of the cheekbone! *oh, and once i used a browny/b
        2. I love the brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner! Makes my hair nice n shiny! And, the smell is to die for!
        3. Aww....hope you feel better!! Its horrible when stuff like that piles up on you!
        4. ok...something that made me happy today.. ...i helped make dinner. I'm finally becoming domesticated!
        5. thats soo weird u made a thread about this! My mum has been going on about this stuff coz she's seen it in a few shops and she was gonna get it for me! well, seems like u guys like it, so i'll probs end up buying it now! lol!
        6. TIM!!!!!!!!!!! hi! how are youuu on this fine sunday afternoon? :-) I am soooo unbelievably bored right now-sundays suck! lol

          1. hellooo!! i just noticed that your one of the new mods!! congrats!!! your avatar is soo cute as well! :-)

            1. hey mandy!!! I just seen this log, so i thought i'd stop by and say best of luck with fading your red marks!!!!! I got my fingers crossed for you! Keep us all updated on your progress!
            2. i've used EPO capsules before and they did quite a nice job for my skin! I have hormonal acne, and the capsules helped to balance my hormones, therefore less breakouts. Yesterday, i started using the capsules again! Fingers crossed, they will do good for me!
            3. hey brenty! When my doctor prescribed me mino, he said that urine colour can become a lot darker! I don't think its anything to worry about, just a normal side affect i guess!!! (that probably hasn't been much help to you at all) lol! :D
            4. morninggg!!!!!!!! yeah i'm in slightly better spirits, thank youuu! :-) hopefully it'll last lol! aw, well you go enjoy the sunshine, before the rain and clouds come lol! and i'll tlk 2 u soon xxxxx

              1. thanks everyone so much for the replies! your all stars! I feel a little better than i did yesterday, but still a little down in the dumps!
              2. stocko, im soo sorry to hear this. A lot of people here are going through really rough patches, so we know how you must be feeling! It may seem like you have nothing to live for, but you're 17 and have your whole life ahead of you! Your skin will improve over time. I promise! I really hope you feel better soon!
              3. yeah, i can see improvements!! my red marks seem to konda shrink and don't seem so red!
              4. hey! aw thanks so much for the comment on my profile! :-) I feel a little better today!!! anyhow, hope youre doing well!

                1. Happy 19th Birthday erin! Hope u are having a great day!! xxx

                  1. HT: Thanks! lol! it sucks what we all havta go through with this acne crap....hopefully we'll all get there one day! chacham: that screaming into pillow thing sounds good-might help me when i get frustrated lostcause: thanks! molly: i hope your feeling better soon too! btw, i use the simple toner! GTO: cheers for the reply!! useful information! Brandy: i've tried almost every treatment out there!...right now im on minocycline and duac cream! and yes i have seen a derm!! he wont give me