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  1. lol! well, add me on your list of girls to marry haha!
  2. haha yes, u caught me....i'm spying on youuu!! BEWARE! lol! :-)

    1. Thats exactly why i love aloe vera! Its so cheap and works a treat!
    2. omg....thats a really insensitive thing for your mum to say! No surprise that your upset about the comments. Hopefully she'll apologise to you! Hope u feel better soon x
    3. Don't worry erin...same thing happens to me all the time!!!! I blame the crazy teenage hormones for my mood swings. One minute i can be absolutely fine and be my usual self, and the next minute, i'm all sad and depressed. And then, i snap out of it and i'm fine again! Its kerazzzyyyy!! oh and hope and faith-that show makes me laugh! I watch that everyday and 8 simple rules lol!
    4. Its slightly better but it looks disgusting I have this new pimple under my chin. Its really big and red and pussy. Im tired of this crap! It hurts me both physicially and emotionally
    5. aww molly...you've really had a roteen week havent you?? is your nose any better today? did the aloe vera gel help at all? just PM if u ever need to talk!
    6. watch a comedy! That usually does the trick If that fails...then i put the ipod speakers up really loud and blast out the "feel good" songs!
    7. well, hi there Mr most handsome fellow on the ORG! *waves*...thanks for the little introduction comment!!! Hope your ok! :-)

      1. she has got really lovely eyebrows! I think women in the 1940's were sooo classically beautiful! *lucky* and i love the poster!
      2. tenshi!!! i miss you on the org! come back soon :-)

        1. This made me feel really said reading this I probably won't say anything that will be of a great help to you, but i really hope u feel better soon and things start brightening up for you! I hope the samaritans u phoned gave u some good advice xxx
        2. yo yo YO (in reply to your oi oi comment) lol! how u doing today?x

          1. wow...weird, this is another laura who registered on the same day as meeeeeee!

            1. gross pics!! take them off u sicko!

              1. your sooo pretty!!!!! im envious lol! and your skin looks awesome too!!!
              2. helloooooooo!!!!! *waves back* i'm doing good thanks!! how are you?? i aint come across u on the org in bloomin' agess! i'm in such a good mood right now coz we've finally finished college for 2 whole weeks!! woohoooooo xx

                1. U can buy it in holland and barrets
                2. GUESS WHAT? i got this stuff yesterday and already love it lol!
                3. hey!!!! i'm randomly looking through randoms, so i thought i'd come to say hi to a fellow brit! :-)