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  1. happy bday molly!

    1. hey!!!!!! just aw on the bday section that its your birthday, so i thought i'd leave a comment to say have a great bday! :D

      1. hiyazz! thought i'd come leave a little comment coz i aint spoken to u in yonks! how are u? what u been up2 lately? omg......i'm soooo nervous right now. i got a job interview in less than an hour arghhhhh lol xxx

        1. hey!! *waves* long time to talk....thought i'd come leave u a lil comment :D....sohow u been lately? lol...owt exciting going on? :-) xxx

          1. laura lou

            senior pic

            aww....soo pretty!
          2. O wow....thats awesome! Have a fun time at the fray concert (sing extra loud for me haha) :-)

            1. hey!!! i aint left u a comment in agessss...so i thought i'd come say hi! how u been lately? u been watching the good ol' one tree hill? I'm glued to it at the moment....the storyline with peytons mum and everything!! love it haha :-)

              1. laura lou

                Me & my best mate.

                awwww........sooo pretty!!! u do have such a lovely smile
              2. BEN!!!! *waves* how are youuu? :-)

                1. Didn't know where to post this, so i thought i'd post here. I'm just wondering if anyone here uses a dead sea mud mask?? I got one yesterday, and it makes my skin feel really smooth and soft after use, but i'm just wodnering if it helps at all with acne? thanks
                2. Treasure!!! *waves*. Haven't seen u around in agess! How you been? Did u have a good easter?:-)

                  1. wow...i like the new design!!! Its pretty cool!
                  2. hey! *waves* I'm doing well thanks, what about u?? yeah i haven't posted as much as i used to...but i'm gonna start posting more lol! Have a good day! :-) x

                    1. hey!!! i haven't seen u on here for a while. How u been doing lately? :D

                      1. ^^^ yup thats right Just sign is as invisible and your profile "last login" date will be set to private!
                      2. hey molly! just thought i'd come leave a comment to say hi! how u been lately? everything ok?

                        1. at the moment, i;d say my cheeks are the clearest *knocks on wood*. Just a couple of red marks here and there, but apart from that its ok! Its my chin area that looks awful right now!
                        2. Wearing makeup makes me feel a tad bit better about myself, but i still have pretty much zero confidence. I know that my flaws and crappy skin are still underneath the makeup, so that doesnt make me feel much better about myself. But i just like experimenting with makeup...can be fun! On a good day, if i do my makeup really well, i feel a bit more confident that usual
                        3. ah yea....msn. Its soo messed up. I'm probs gna delete it today, i cant be arsed with it anymore lol! ttylxxx

                          1. hellllooo! hows things? i just realised that yesstready was out 8month org anniversary...how time flies lol! Just another 4 months til the 1 year mark haha!...we should have a huge org party at thorpe park! well, hope ur ok! ttyl xxx

                            1. hey!!! i dont even know whats happened to my myspace....its completely buggared up...i think its gone for good now. I was just sorting out my friend requests and i get this invalid membership error message lol! ooooopssss! lol! I'm soo ticked off right now! well, hows ur week going anyway? up to much? i'll pm u 2moro or somethin for the usual chit chat! :-)

                              1. Glennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! u beat me to it, i was gonna leave u a little comment! lol! my easter was ok thanks! what about yours? back to college for me today...turned out better than i thought. U out enjoying the sunshine? xx

                                1. omg....i have no idea whats the matter with me!!! Its official now that acne has completely messed up my brain! I've been fine all week, just my usual self, but my skin has just gotten the better of me now. I've been extremely depressed all day because my red marks seem so prominent! I have no desire to do anything or see anyone at the moment!!! I wish this would end!!!!!! Rant over!
                                2. Have a great birthday!!!! :-)