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  1. Hey guys/girls.

    I've not posted here in a couple of years, but I'm starting to struggle with my acne again lately and I'm just on a bit of a downer this evening and had a bit of a cry after I washed my face a while ago (thanks to the hideous red marks covering my face).

    I just can't seem to win this battle....i drink nothing but water, I eat lots of fruit and veggies, I keep my face clean, I take vitamins, I've seen the doctor, yet I'm still suffering with acne after 10 years. I don't know what to do.

    I'm not a confident person to begin with but I feel that with each passing day, any confidence I do have is diminishing and I'm becoming less social. A girl I work with came back from her maternity leave this week and she felt the need to tell me that my skin looks awful and that I should have acid treatment and take her expensive vitamins. I wanted to cry. Honestly, some people have no tact whatsoever.

    Sorry if I sound really depressing, just needed a little rant, and I know that this is the best place to get support when I feel like this.

  2. I've been using the clarisonic for about 3 months. My sister talked me into buying it, and it was the best thing i've ever agreed to. My marks have faded drastically, my skin is always so smooth, so glowy, and just feels a lot cleaner.

    I've had so many compliments about my skin (even my manager at work has even said how great my skin looks lately).

    So I would highly recommend this product. It's a great investment!

  3. I love a good thread full of optimism.

    Here's a list of things I love;

    *Being at home with my family

    *Finishing work after a long day

    *Pay day

    *Listening to the sound of the rain

    *Snuggling up in bed reading a good book


    *Cold, winter days

    *Stargazing....i love the feeling of feeling so small and insignificant in the bigger picture

    *Pyjamas. Nothing beats lazing around the house in comfy pj's

    *Having an intelligent conversation with someone

    *Reminiscing with family/friends about the "good ol' days"

    *Looking at photos

    *Going on holiday

    *Doing something to cheer someone up.

    *Snow and cold weather in general.

    *Visiting castles, and other historic places

    *Going to my local library

    *Watching a really good movie

  4. I've come to realise that acne isn't the only thing people see about me and I know that applies to everyone.

    I was feeling quite bad about my face whilst I was at work earlier this week. One of my colleagues said to me how you doing pretty lady. I was quite shocked by her comment. And I felt better but stupid at the same time. I know I shouldn't base my feelings on what someone has said to me but who isn't guilty of falling for this. But it reminded me that I need to see beyond my acne.

    People don't only see acne. They see you, they see someone who is friendly, who will help them out when they need something, someone with a sense of humour.

    Maybe as an initial reaction or passing thought someone might consider your acne, but as has been said by other members above me, they forget. And maybe some people might dwell on it. So what if they do? That makes them shallow and quite frankly isn't your problem, its theirs.

    I couldn't have said this better myself!!

    I'm an extremely paranoid person, and I always worry about what people think of me when they see me, because when i see my reflection or a photo of me, all I can see is the acne scarring. But most people won't see what we see. They see "the bigger picture".

    It is always a shock to me when someone says i'm attractive, because I don't see myself that way at all .Just last night, i was at a restaurant with my family. As we left, the waitor said to my dad "I can't believe how beautiful your daughter is". His comment made me smile, and realise that acne is probably not the only thing that people see when they look at us, as we have so much more that can make us beautiful.

    So we should all remember that our acne isn't permanant. It will go away eventually. We have a lot of other good features and traits that make us beautiful, and most people won't be bothered by acne!!

  5. So I'm on my couch having a nice night in, watching a movie and up comes another one of those Clearasil ads (I immediately roll my eyes). Anyway this latest ad promises "Clearer skin within 4 hours or money your money back!!".

    Seriously, how do these profit-hungry companies continue to get away with this crap?? I have never had any product make much of a difference over 24 hours let alone 4 hours. Any claim like this is just total BS.

    The Clearasil's and Proactive's of this world can all go rot in hell.

    I know what you mean.

    Any time I'm watching the telly, and one of those adverts come on, i have to walk out of the room.

    And another think I hate about these adverts is the fact that they get models with the most beautifully flawless skin to appear on these clearasil etc adverts. Honestly, they have no consderation for how people with skin issues will react when viewing the adverts. pff

  6. I've not been here in a while, but i really feel like i need to have a rant to make me feel better....

    I'm just to the point now where i'm totally exhausted with the effects acne has on me. I've just turned 20, and i've been dealing with this for 8 years, and i've just had enough (i'm sure a lot of you will understand how i feel)

    I work as a receptionist, so I meet and greet hundreds of people every day, and someone I served today, made a nasty comment about my skin, and I wanted to cry, but couldn't. Even my own manager looks at me as if she wants to say "clean your skin" or something. And to be honest, I feel like an ugly, paranoid wreck most of the time.....

    OK, that's my little rant over :)

  7. Well, I haven't posted here in a very long time, but now i think i need to again :(

    Right now, I am feeling depressed, miserable, completely ugly, worthless, I have zero self esteem, no confidence. (Not a good combination)

    My skin has been doing so much better the past year, really clearing up. But i woke up this morning and it looks the worst its ever been.

    I'm so tired of this.

    Someone please tell me something to cheer me up

  8. oh i feel your pain. I used to feel like that when i had my part time job in a clothes shop. I loved being on the tills and serving people, but not so much when my face looked awful.

    I'm starting a receptionist job in 2 days, so i'm hoping my skin starts looking better, because i'm going to be meeting and greeting a lot of important people!

  9. Here's the deal....

    I start my first full time job in 3 days as a receptionist for HSBC. I have to look my very best at all times. Thing is, my skin gets so oily and after like 3 hours of applying makeup, it looks awful and sort of melts.

    I know a lot of people here deal with oily skin. So can anyone recommend any good moisturisers for oily skin, or a good foundation that helps to keep skin matte.

    I'm desperate