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  1. Hi there! I can't recommend the clarisonic enough!! I got mine over a year ago...it didn't make me break out at all! Your skin feels so clean and fresh after using, and it makes so much difference. I'm still using mine now! It's got rid of my acne and is clearing up my red marks significantly!! I really suggest investing in one. Hope it works for you!

    1. Hey! Thanks a lot for your comment!! That's cool u liked my little list! :)....my skin isn't as oily as it once was, but it gets a bit shiny during the course of the day. I'm interested in doing aspirin masks....how do you do them? How often? any advice? I'd like to try it out. :)

      1. Hello!! Thought i'd pop by and say hi! How be you?? :)

        1. I work at Canary Wharf! Fab place to work. How's the tourism course going? I did travel and tourism @ college and one of my mates went to uni to do same course as u! I failed my driving test the other day. Got 3 minors but hit the kerb whilst parallel parking, so i failed! boo lol. I'll get there eventually :)

          1. ahh it's a small world indeed!! Love lakeside, spend a lot of time there, can't wait to pass my driving test and finally drive there myself haha...what u studying @ uni??(sorry i'mj ust being nosey now) lol.

            1. Hello there fellow Essex'er!!! I'm not too far from yourself really...i live in the Rainham area. Was in your neck of the woods at lakeside y'day lol!!! You're the 2nd essex person i've found on the org hehe x

              1. omg hi!!! It took me like 5 mins to figure out who this is lol... ain't seen you around in a while (then again, i've hardly been on the org myself). I'm doing well thanks, yourself?? what you doing these days? x

                1. Rupert....long time no see. How you doing these days? Happy belated new year!! :D

                  1. hey!! Well, i watched the first 2 episodes on monday and its pretty damn good so far. So it looks promising. I've been busy at work this week, so i haven't had the chance to watch anymore yet, but will do the weekend. Will keep you updated :D Have a good wknd!

                    1. Thanks a lot for the link...i'll check it out today. No doubt i will be hooked on it! :D

                      1. haha glad i'm forgiven :D I've actually never watched lost...but maybe i should rent the boxsets or something coz all my mates love that programme and have tried to make me watch it in the past :-)

                        1. woah long time no talk treasure. I am doing great thanks, and yourself? Hows life treating you? Hope you're all good :Dx

                          1. Hey! Looks like i'm the first visitor to your profile. Just thought i'd say welcome to the org! :D

                            1. heyy...oh i know right?!! Been a good few months since we spoke lol! I only ever come on here once in a very blue moon now! :D How you been anyhow? I'll pm during the week for a catch up yeah? xx

                              1. lol thanks!! I just don't get much time to come on the org anymore...i'm a busy bee!! How have you been? are you allowed back in the lounge?

                                1. hey there!! how the devil are youu?? things are pretty good right now..just enjoying the rest of the christmas hols!! which reminds me....HAPPY NEW YEAR! can u believe its 2008 already? time flies! lol

                                  1. hey there. sorry for the late comment reply! I'm very well thank you, and yourself?? I can't believe its december already...where the year gone? Are you in the festive spirit yet?? LOL! xx

                                    1. morning!! omg...working 7 days a week?! You must be knackered! I know i would be. i can't handle the few hours i do at the wknd lol! okie dokie....look 4wrd to pm...gota catch up init! ttyl xxx

                                      1. hello m'dear!!! I'm very well thanks (apart from a bangin headache that i got right now)!! What about yourself? Hows life trating u?

                                        1. hehe thanks! i'm doing well thanks!! and yourself?!! I havent spoken to u in agesss. Life treating you well!? lol x

                                          1. hello there!! hows u? i'm ok thanks!!! Yeppers, i've been a busy bee with college and work. I'm knackered thats for sure :-) I get a week off college next week so its all good though! What you been up to lately? Anything exciting? :D x

                                            1. omg....your from essex?? me too!! lol (sorry that was a random comment...i've only come across 2 other essex ppl before)

                                              1. lol!! hiii!! thanks for the comment...i was definately fast asleep when u left that!...infact i went to bed at like 8 last night (wasn't feeling well at all)!! OMG...serendipity. i lovee that film! Def one of my faves too! i watched that about 20 times last week! I love the snow scene near the end where they meet. I really wanna go to the serendipity 3 c

                                                1. happy birthday!! have a great day