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    the prettiest people, do the ugliest things .
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    I am not this skin.<br />I am not a pimple.<br />I am not a breakout.<br />I am not this makeup.<br />I am not this scar.<br />I am ME, and I am beautiful.<br /><br />(repeat as neccesary)
  1. I tottally understand you.. ive dealt with acne since I was about 13 .. my skin was never very bad, but at its worst it was pretty mild.. and it made me very sad and I didn't want ANYONE to see me.. I hated when people would see me and say .. "Oh your so pretty but.. what are you doing about those bumps?" It just made me want to run and hide.. Ive tried so many things and I finnally found what works for my body and why I got acne.. So now im clear .. with an occasional pimple once in awhile. Goo
  2. *hugs* try to think positive.. I know it can be hard.
  3. Hey! How's it going? Hope you're closer to achieving your goals.. :)

  4. This soap is amazing.. I use DUDU-OSAN Black Soap which is made in Africa and is 100% Natural. There are TONS of "fake" black soaps out there. Anyways, this soap along with BC Skin Tight (astrigent) and a mosturizer (Nuetrogena Oil Free).. has made my skin soft, smooth, and very clear.. If I do get a pimple it's so tiny.. and goes away within a day or two. You can use the BLACK SOAP as a mask.. for 5 minutes on your face if you have active acne and that does a good job. I am someone who has su
  5. I am too afraid to just use water like some people say.. but I have def lessened the amount of products I use on my face .. and I am extremely gentle with my face.. and I don't pick my skin because that just irritates it. I also THINK POSITIVE about my skin.. I don't look in the mirror and say .. 'OH BOY, THERE GOES ANOTHER ONE' .. i try to remain posiitve and that seems to help.. the more calmer I am the less I breakout. hope this helps..
  6. I can def relate to this post. I have gotten sooo good at using the right makeup/shade/etc that there are people who would be shocked to know that I have ever suffered from acne. I wish that i didn't have to wear makeup .. and I take good care of my skin in hopes that very soon all the marks will fade and I can wear less and less. But It doesn't bother me, because I know what im doing.. I am not experimenting when I put on makeup. Girl, I think you do a GREAT job with your makeup. You are also
  7. less is more . the less chemicals you put on your skin, the faster your skin will heal. i used so many products before thinking it would help, but never understood why my skin was always so irritated. But when I stopped and started being very gentle with my skin .. using few products .. my skin healed and cleared up. also.. i don't know if this has much to do with it, but once i started thinking positive about my skin.. and having hope that it would soon be smooth and soft .. it seemed like tha
  8. I was on Yasmin and switched to Ocella and I had no problems. I feel that for some people it's all in their minds and the stress from thinking about it so much/worrying is what can cause the acne to increase. Just a guess.. my personal best way to keep my skin clear is to stay relaxed, and to be gentle with my skin.
  9. I have experienced no changes since I switched from regular Yasmin to the generic Ocella. But I did take a 1 month break from the pill before switching. I read so many horror stories about Ocella online, but I haven't experienced anything at all. I think that if you did well on Yasmin, you should be fine on Ocella depending on your body.
  10. if i were you I would first relax a bit, breath, and stay calm. It may seem like the end of the world but its not.. your body responds to stress, so stay calm. Are you using any spot treatments? I would use BCB Skin Tight which works very well applied 3 times a day with a cotton swab, or the Pro Activ Refining Mask overnight which also works well.
  11. if it doesn't all come off .. you can try sensitive fragrance free baby wipes.
  12. don't give up.. i have learned that my mood affects my acne. when I am calm about my skin , my skin stays clear.
  13. Best : B&C Skin Tight - Love It Pro Activ Mask - Love it Pro Activ Cleanser - Like It Bior Skin Clearing Scrub - Love It Worst: MURAD Products - broke me out like crazy.
  14. My mom used the cyclic soap for a couple months and her skin cleared up extremely well, also the marks cleared up too. I started using it but once it ran out I didn't use it anymore. My mom used 1 soap for a couple months.. (it lasts awhile) all you need is to lather a bit.. put the foam all over your face , leave it there for a couple minutes.. rinse it off.. and pat your face dry. Thats it. The soap is pretty expensive but my skin started to look a lot better. Like most skin care products it
  15. i was switched form Yasmin which I was on for about 5 months to Ocella. My skin did well on Yasmin but I really started to see results in month 3 .. and it was especialllllly important that I didnt miss a pill and I took my pill at the same time.. because in month 4 i missed a pill.. and It seemed like my skin decided to go ahead and give me 3 new HUGE zits over night. Anyways, I was off BCP for about a month before I went on Ocella.. During the month off BCP my skin didn't go too crazy, but it