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  1. huxley_knew


    Ok...A couple of things. 1.) While I admire your willingness to bring new ideas here, I have to say something about the claims you make here. First, the use of RNA as an immunomodulator is only applicable when microinjected into specific immune cells (B/T lymphocytes). There are lots of pseudo-scam infomercial drugs out there making the RNA claim, and it's just false. Second, any benefit from SRF is only from the nutritional value derived from your digesting the protein...there is no way th
  2. Honestly? I would say ditch the SA altogether. That stuff, especially the stuff in cleansers, does absolutely nothing. You'll see this in lots and lots of posts on this forum. SA needs a certain pH (acidic, I think) to work as an exfoliant. Unfortunately, to keep from being irritating to the skin, the manufacturers buffer the face wash to basically neutral (or sometimes alkaline) pH, thus rendering the SA component useless. If you really wanted to include SA into your regimen, I'd say just
  3. huxley_knew

    bp making me sick?

    I've never heard of someone having a systemic allergic reaction to BP..I don't think that's even possible? So, no worries! On a related note, I sometimes get dizzy/out of breath/slightly nauseated after coming out of the shower. Usually on days when the water is particularly hot and the air is more humid. I think it's more because of all the water vapor in the air making it harder to breathe. Could this be the reason you're feeling that way, and you just didn't notice the connection?
  4. I've been skeptical of the B5 wonder-remedy since the get-go. Ironically, one of the tell-tale signs of pantothenic acid (B5) deficiency is fatige and psoriasis. Which makes me wonder whether your body is even absorbing all that stuff. Anyways, here's a thread I picked up on recently... http://www.cyclingforums.com/t47099.html Some interesting information there...and I guess you should feel fortunate you came away with only psoriasis. The bit about increasing protein intake is good advice..
  5. huxley_knew

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Yeah, I think hydrogen peroxide is far less stable, so it's probably no good as an all-day thing. But I would guess using it as a spot treatment would be fairly effective. I used to use the stuff in high school, but as with most things, I didn't know what the hell I was doing, and it just made my skin even more pissed off.
  6. huxley_knew

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Dude, 40%? I would be a bit concerned. That much peroxide cannot be good for the skin. Small concentrations of superoxide radicals applied topically probably won't do much internal damage, but I'll bet at least some of that 40% solution is getting its way into the deeper layers of your skin.
  7. ...anything with the words 'detoxify', 'toxins' or 'unnatural chemicals'. People are willing to believe anything.
  8. Lipids/organics are just better at penetrating cell membranes than are things dissolved in polar solvents, like water. Which is why, I think, my skin responds much better to BP followed by a moisturizer with mineral oil in it. Just my two cents.
  9. huxley_knew

    Gillette Fusion Razor (5 Blades)

    It all depends. If you're careful about shaving, then it'll probably be fine. As for me? I do it old school. Shaving brush, shaving cream (the kind you lather yourself) and a double-edge safety razor. Best shave I've ever had. I would recommend it to anyone with patience. If done right, it's a closer shave than with the Mach-whatevers or Fusions, and your face doesn't feel like it's suddenly missing its outer layers.
  10. huxley_knew

    Glycolic vs Salicylic acid

    Thanks alot...that makes things clearer.But do they both do the same thing to the skin? Essentially, yes. They just kind of weaken the outermost layer of dead skin cells and makes it easier for them to slough off. Personally, I would recommend either a low (5% or less) concentration of glycolic acid, or a lactic acid-based product (lactic acid is milder, and is better for use as an all-day-wear kind of formula).
  11. huxley_knew

    Glycolic vs Salicylic acid

    Re: your glycolic/salicylic acid question... It's really a matter of taste, I guess. Glycolic acid can be a bit stronger, as it's the simplest of the alpha hydroxy acids. Salicylic is actually a beta hydroxy acid, and as such is not as potent pound for pound (so to speak). I would say stick with one or the other. Too much can lead to irritation, and you don't need too much exfoliation to see the benefits of it. About Differin: I think it's just another kind of topical retinoid, adapalene spe
  12. huxley_knew

    First kiss!

    I was 11. I was tricked. Damn women.
  13. huxley_knew


    I agree, why in the hell would you want to stop? In the words of Martha: "It's a good thing."
  14. Just a thought...I was wondering if anyone on these boards shaves by the traditional methods (shaving soap/cream, brush and safety razor). I recently started doing it, mostly because of my disgust with the crappy products from schick/gillette/etc. It'd be an interesting discussion to see how acne fits into that process, since most/all wetshaving enthusiasts do it because it's pretty much irritation-free (so long as you do it right).
  15. huxley_knew

    Mix yer own?

    All else aside, yes. 5% BP.