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  1. Most people actually primarily only experience "significant clearance" on accutane, which isn't necessarily the same thing as being completely, 100%, never-a-pimple in sight clear. Even people who "don't have acne" have comedones and a very small blemish every once in a while. Acne is very common these days. With that being said, many people define someone with a few red spots around the nose "completely clear" after an accutane course. It's just the way people define it because perfect skin is
  2. I've been on the regimen for a year and a half now (or more), and my skin just seems to be getting more and more dry. My face always looks red, cracked, and irritated. I can't even go out right now because of how bad it is. It's also extremely painful. Simply put, it's bad. Worse than you can imagine. I can't even wash my face. It makes it 100x worse. For the past few months, I've tried using jojoba oil, pure glycerin, dimethicone, sunflower oil, vaseline, you name it. None of it, not even when
  3. After applying benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer today, I realized I put on too much moisturizer and jojoba oil and my face was very oily, almost wet. I had to use a paper towel to absorb the oil. Would this have taken the benzoyl peroxide off? Do I have to apply it again, or does it not matter because the BP had already absorbed? Furthermore, I also apply oil and Vaseline to my face at night, but it comes off during my sleep because I roll over on my face. Will this affect the BP's effectiveness
  4. http://www.jaad.org/article/S0190-9622(05)04600-1/pdf I've stumbled upon this study that measures the comedogenicity of popular cosmetic ingredients in varying percentages within multiple formulations. The data may be a bit hard to decipher, but basically the study authors held a medium sized trial and used many well known comedogenic ingredients within different cosmetic products on the participants for about 4 weeks, measured the comedogenic potential of the products, and then measured it a
  5. It concerns me that the regimen didn't completely clear your skin. Maybe there was another factor involved, such as rubbing your face against your pillow while you slept. There are many variables which can sabotage your success. If you decide to formulate your own lotion, please let me know how it goes. I've also considered doing that, but it seems complicated; I'm scared to try. I think I found a lotion that will work for me! It's called Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion Healing with A
  6. I used to apply benzoyl peroxide until it was just about dry, but that's extremely time consuming, and I'm looking for ways to cut back on irritation. The official regimen page says to apply for 3 minutes and then let it absorb on its own, but other acne.org employees have said to apply until the skin feels tacky and it becomes difficult to glide the fingers along. So which is it? Or does it mean that I should apply it until it feels tacky unless 3 minutes passes? Recently I've just been applyin
  7. The thing is that the regimen doesn't get me completely clear. I strictly did the regimen for 8 months before realizing that it wasn't going to get me 100% clear. I still break out in whiteheads and cysts every 2-4 months that scar. For that reason, I'm pretty strict about what I put on my skin in order to not make a bad situation worse. I have no problem using moisturizers with ingredients that score a 1-2/5 in comedogenicity, but anything above that I have to strictly avoid. My skin is pretty
  8. Ha, yeah the EltaMD moisturizer is too expensive for me. I'm definitely on a budget. I must have overlooked the CeraVE AM moisturizer. The only thing that concerns me with this moisturizer is the aluminum starch and the cholesterol. Not a lot of info is available on aluminum starch, but most starches are comedogenic. Cholesterol is usually derived from lanolin, which some sources say is highly comedogenic while others say it's non-comedogenic to only mildly comedogenic. The CeraVE mois
  9. I've been on the regimen for over a year now. I'm apparently pretty sensitive to the drying effects of benzoyl peroxide, and for the life of me, I can't find a good non-comedogenic, fragrance free moisturizer that actually works. It's extremely frustrating. I'm tired of looking for moisturizers that people recommend and that say "non-comedogenic," but are loaded with stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20 among many other wildly comedogenic ingredients. I've tried Dan's Moisturizer, Cet
  10.     If you're referring to the studies I posted, it's actually quite a bit more than just subcision. It's a combination of that, TCA, and microneedling in a very particular order and fashion. They have all the details (exactly how deep they went) in the studies. P.S. No offense to anyone, but try to take what Rudy says with a grain of salt.     This is fantastic and will likely work for some. Unfortunately, probably won't do much for ice
  11. I think I posted this a while back, but here's a reminder: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3996784/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3937506/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3937507/ Long story short, there's a new combination of treatment methods that's been going around and is very promising. It's readily available because it's just a combination of established methods, and it's cheap. Read up on these links, talk to your dermatologist of choice, and enjo
  12. I ordered Dan's BP about a week ago, but when the package arrived, it stayed outside for about 2 hours in around 85 degree heat. Would that have degraded the benzoyl peroxide at all? Normally I set it to send the fedex delivery notification to my e-mail so I can go right out and grab the package, but lately it's been sending the notification a solid 4 hours after delivery.
  13. Ha, it can be really thick, but I always melted it and then applied as much as I could before it made me shiny. I loved how it felt and what it did for my skin minus the breakouts! A woman I know who is absolutely stunning and has gorgeous skin actually told me that she was jealous of my skin and asked me if I wore makeup (fyi, I'm a dude). I later found out that she was asking around a lot trying to figure out what I used on it. That was insane to me because I always thought I had ugly, scarred
  14. I've been using shea butter for the past couple months as a moisturizer. I absolutely love it, and I've been getting tons of compliments on my skin because of it. But I always felt like it might be breaking me out, because even though I'm still almost clear right now, I'm getting spots where I almost never get them (cheeks, under eyes). I know shea butter is rated 0 on comedogenic scales, but I typed it into acnemantra.com's "skingredients," and it showed up as being comedogenic. What annoys m