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  1. Well i only get spots around my nose area so i wouldn't be putting bp all over my face that would just be stupid i think I've read that you can get really dry, red and irritated skin from using bp, so thats why im hesitated to start the regimen... but as i haven't found anything else to prevent my small breakouts... I might try it out because im tired of this, even if its just a few spots now and then. anyways thanks for the replys!
  2. Im just wondering if its worth going on the CSR even if you have mild acne like 2-4 pimples. It's getting really annoying...been like this for the last 4-5 years. I've tried a few acne face washes but they don't seem to do much at all.
  3. Can you get acne from protein shakes and creatine... some people say you can Anyone have any experince with this? Im thinking about quit using these stuff and see if it helps.
  4. Nothing to worry about man! looks very mild, but even a few pimples can make you self conscious...I know.