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  1. Any interaction between alcohol and taurine?
  2. Don't start using too many supplements at once. You'll never be sure what works and what not. Besides I'd focus more on a healthy diet and then add in some supplements. I used to be like you, thinking taking a lot of pills would cure me, but what they mostly did was empty my pocket.
  3. I was wondering what's the best to not spike my blood sugar levels too much in the morning? - waking up and eating an apple. An hour later eat meat and veggies. or - waking up and eating meat and veggies, 2 hours later eat an apple. I'm thinking that during sleep blood sugar levels drop and if I eat an apple it will increase faster than with meat + veggies
  4. I ate sugar free candy a couple of days ago and I experienced the same thing. There was so much gas and bloating . I'm gonna test those candies again soon to see if they the same happens again.
  5. Those pictures look so fake lol.
  6. fil

    My diet log

    I'm starting this log, to motivate myself even more to become clear one day. I already keep a food log everyday, but I'll be posting it here as well. I've had acne for 4-5 years I think. I've tried topicals and antibiotics. I've tried a diet 2 times already, but I only managed to stick to it for max 30 days. I think they failed due to lack of fat in my diet, which made me hungry most of the time. I also used to snack on 80% chocolate, but knowing that I'm probably sugar sensitive that isn't suc
  7. God what the hell is wrong with these people suggesting junk food to gain weight?
  8. Could someone find some reliable sources about how much protein intake is allowed safe for your liver and kidneys. My mom read an article about this in the newspaper and now she thinks I'm harming my own body.
  9. I'm probably gonna see whether taurine works for me by first drinking red bull for a couple of days. I read there's 1000mg in one redbull, is this the same for the light version? And light version probably contains aspartame?
  10. If you're able to clear up your acne by diet, you should definitely do that. Accutane can have some serious side effects long-term, don't go for it if your acne isn't severe or scarring.
  11. I'd reconsider whether you need to take the extra A, Zinc, B-Complex and both flax and fish oil. Is it really A or is it beta carotene? Beta carotene is easy to get from food. If it's A, that's probably too much. And you can get a b-complex that has Zinc and C so you could also take one fewer Cs and drop the zinc. Naturemade has one called something like 'Stress Formula' And you are taking the psillium husk well before meals and vitamins right? because it will keep them from getting digest
  12. Thx for the replies. My water intake is good enough, at least 2litres a day.