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  1. Hey i dont know if it was due to the green tea but my cyst/zit came up to the surface and ithought it got worse but then wen i got home it was leaking. I proceeded to squeeze all the pus and dirt blood out. Now its just really dry but ithink its just going to turn into dead skin and shed. Thanks alot!
  2. Hey everyone ineed help identifying my problem and solving it. I have a large red cystlike/nodule/ bump on the right upper side of my cheek. the bump disappear into some sort of line in the summers and turns up in winter. There is a main one (which you can see in the pix) which is always there. If iget another spot close to it i can feel that under my skin they are connected if irun my finger over it. it feels like its under my skin more than over it and is red. It had been happening for two yea
  3. I know you may feel worthless but remember you still have your eyes heart and brain and remind yourself that hopefully will make you feel better.