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  1. hollenstein


    changes in lifestyle habits can be found on my profile page
  2. i'd recommend

    i'm having pretty good results with this. i wish i had tried it earlier >.
  3. i have recently started getting good results, after trying a variety of things [and probably damaging my skin in the process] over the past few months i would say it would be a good idea to draw up a plan, and change things month by month, to make it a controlled experiment, and find out what does and what does not work the important thing is to not fuck your skin up by being too harsh on it - that's the mistake i made before i took a more gentle approach i too switched to vegan/vege
  4. Ouch, looks painful, and a little raw. I think lemon might be a bit too harsh - I think you could do with something more 'soothing'. I was using a harsh synthetic based facial wash, and when I switched to a more gentle organic face wash, combined with pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide with clindamycin, my skin improved. You say the natural face washes worked on your face ? Well then I would highly recommend trying the same ones, in the same routine, on your body -- it sounds like somethi
  5. hollenstein

    pretty happy with this

    pretty happy with this

    i'm washing with this before applying with: [5% benzoyl peroxide, 1% clindamycin] from the doctor and i think the results are reasonably good this cleaser is gentle to the skin, yet feels very refreshing. i'd say the only downside is the price, as i don't know how long it will last me
  6. Does not stop new acne, can cause irration

    This made my skin ITCHY. I had high hopes for this simply because of the relatively high price [naively]. This did not stop new spots forming, despite using twice daily. Has a very drying effect, which can look good at first. However, my skin would later become oily to compensate.
  7. hollenstein

    potentially more damaging than nourishing

    potentially more damaging than nourishing

    very harsh stuff. caused my skin alot of damage. can kill acne, but can damage skin. would not describe it as 'nourishing'
  8. up and down. quitting this kiehls facial cleanser soon i think. onto benzoyl peroxide from today. one side of my face is worse than the other. forehead, nose, chin is not perfect but pretty much fine. cheeks are pretty messed up as usual lately
  9. maybe talk to someone about it. if it bothers you, it's best not to avoid the subject, in my opinion
  10. hollenstein

    you know its bad when..

    when you watch the first episode of moomin and cry