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  1. It's encouraging to read these posts, and I send my empathy to those going through difficult breakouts. I'm a 38 year old woman who has been struggling with cystic acne since her teens years. Birth control and Accutane worked when I was in my early 20's; went off birth control due to side effects in my mid-twenties and my skin remained clear; when I turned 30 the cysts had returned and I was back on Accutane after two failed courses of antibiotics and various topicals; my skin was great (using
  2. Great product

    I've used this for years. I stopped using it when I first started the acne.org regimen to make sure I didn't mess up the system, and now that my skin has been consistently clean, I've added the Cetaphil as the last step in my morning routine. Wash, treat, moisturize, then the Cetaphil on top. I'm very fair skinned, so an SPF 30 is a must.