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  1. My hope is that this thread will help someone. I realize that everyone's skin is different and may react differently, but hopefully this information may help if you have not tried isotretinoin / accutane or are afraid to. (spelling may be off - there is something wrong with this post interface - where I am getting a delay in the keyboard when typing) OK - I am 40 - (fit - eat relatively heathy, exercise, lots of water) been suffering with mild to moderate acne for over 25 years. For me i
  2. Are you still active on this fourm? - I'm 40, had a relapse of some cystic Acne, and of course Sebaceous H started to show up from my late 30's into the present. What an insult to injury right? Doc put me on Amnesteem and you are correct - I am on Day 18 - and the SH is gone. I have about 4 months of the prescription yet, but will ask him about small dosage to maintain results, I'd like to buy it form the canadian pharmacy - where did you go?