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  1. mild moderate with a potential to be almost severe mine started like that and had almost severe acne for a period of time
  2. when i slightly overdosed b5 couple years ago, it did help my facial oil
  3. i used to be a heavy gamer before, sometimes playing about 12 hours a day for a long period of time. There were times where i thought sitting in front of the monitor for that long caused some breakouts to occur during the day as i'm playing. But i think it was the stress, because i did really get stressed when things didn't go my way or made a big mistake in the game, sometimes slamming my fist to the table. But who knows, it may have no relation to my face at that time.
  4. acne has pretty much delayed alot of things i have accomplished so far do i regret this? sure i do, but i am glad i am still living now, because i had many suicidal thoughts in the past.
  5. i've been taking 1000 mg msm daily for the past 3 months, it doesn't affect my acne. If you think you are breaking out from it, you may want to decrease the amount your taking, drink alot of water when taking this supplement.
  6. although my face is pretty controlled, facial oil sucks big time
  7. not true guys with bad acne also get treated differently too
  8. doubt msm has anything to do with the smell smell isn't gonna go away if you complain about it here go see a doctor
  9. if you are losing your guy to this girl because of your face, this dude is not worth being with in the long run, because we all get old and beauty fades
  10. for me, diet has played a major role in my skin. i watch what i eat and drink because i have noticed that when i drink milk or orange juice, eat pizza, eat anything that has peanuts, drink soda, eat alot of chips, and certain fruits, i break out the very next day or in about 3 days average. Also the vitamins i am currently taking right now has helped me get off the antibiotics which my face was dependent on for well over 10 years. So for me diet has played about 90% role for my skin.
  11. when i eat eggs, my skin tone looks better temporarily
  12. been taking msm 1000 mg for a while hasn't made my face worse hasn't produce odor has made my nails grow out faster has made my hair somewhat thicker not sure about helping my current scars not all msm brands are equal in terms of quality