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  1. So the last few nites I have been steaming my face with this organic detox Green Tea. I boil a pan of water and use 2 or 3 bags, I put a towel over my head and Ill steam my face for about 10 mins, I really am impressed with the results. The redness seems to go down and overall it makes my face look much less inflamed. I follow it up with the Apple cider Viniger treatment and whalla i think it is helping but only time will tell.
  2. okay so what is the craziest/ most extreme measure you have taken in order to clear up your skin???? Mine would have to be when I did a 3 day fast of skinless apples and an enama every nite YUCK....
  3. well my family (theyre behind me 110%), that the problems I do have I have the power to fix, Ipod (running motivation), Ive got a good job, and of corse the awesome ppl on the acne forum who keep me sane!!!
  4. Freakin Abortion hating republicans.......errr.... The 30 day wait is Crazy...i totally agree.....I just wanna say, WHOSE BODY IS IT ANYWAY??? I think if I know the risks for the drug and i still want to take it I should be able to. I think Ill live without sex fer a few months I mean who are these girls that keep getting pregnant on accutane?? ud think they could keep it in there pants knowing what would happen2 the baby
  5. i know they vary depending on what kinda laser u use..... they can be pretty expensive and i dont think any insurances will cover cause its considered a 'cosmetic' procedure. wat kind of lasering were u thinking of getting?
  6. ohhh thx much fer that link.....there was some good info on there! I think im goin ta stat usin it at nite welll c wat happens....wish me luck.
  7. okay so 2 quick questions..... 1. can u change ur name on here??? how?? 2. how do u moove up the ranks??? is it by answering posts?? Gracias
  8. okay so dont judge (lol) but do u think smoking pot causes breakouts.....hmmmmmm...... There are alot of stoners who have acne but alot that don't. Then again it is a plant....Maybe an experiment is in order.....
  9. hmmm...so what is your favorite makeup to use while on Tane which covers well. Ive been using bare essentuals for a while now and it works pretty well but just curious what u like..... ready...ready....GO....
  10. Okay so does anyone have this book or tried his products?? I have heard the book is largely focused on diet and foods that trigger breakouts. Ive seen his products in Sephora and they look good but they are pretty expensive...but if they work it b worth it. do u think it would be a good idea to use while on Accutane??
  11. So I was in Nogalas Mexico Yesterday at the 'farmacia' and they had a Isotrentinoin Creaam, its a 0.05% gel and it has the anti pregnancy picture on it. Its made by Stiefel not Roche or LaRoche. I bought it just to see but was wondering if anyone has tried or heard of this...why is it not avalible in the states??
  12. Yes I know all to well how u are feeling I hate how our skin is controlling our lives and controls what we do and want to do. someday this will be over with...hang in there....and ur not going crazy... U look like a really pretty girl and the acne will pass. Best of luck.... Kourtney
  13. Age: 18 on September 18th!! o yay. Sex: gurl School/College: none right now Acne status: ehhh!!! can i please have a new face!! Favorite thing about yourself: humor, work ethic. What would you change about yourself (other than acne): get into better shape and be confident...all things I can change and am going 2 Favorite movie: Kill Bills, Little miss sunshine, Office Space Favorite book: wasted **Fav Band: Pepper, 311, TOOL What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Top horse trai
  14. Hey....so my name Kourtney im 18 and I am an acneholic. I know its cliche but it really is nice to know that I am not the only one fighting for clear skin. I have had trouble with my skin since I was about 13 and it made my school years hell....not because people teased me but mainly because I felt sooooo self concious about it. I remember vistits to wallgreens every week to try a new cleanser, cream, concealer, powder, etc. Oh the process of getting ready to go anywhere...layer after layer of